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It was from my front row seat at A.F. Vandevorst during Paris Fashion Week 2014 that I decided I would wake up every day in the name of fashion. As Sherry Qiu bound down the runway through a sea of smoke to the echoing sounds of Bjork, everyone else was looking left – and I was looking right.

I found myself completely and utterly absorbed in the menagerie of photographers before me, stacked on top, around and underneath each other. Elbow to elbow, cheek to cheek, in a silently understood mess. Complete stillness settled in an organised chaotic assembly, with only the movement of fingers on cameras and only the sound of fluttering lenses, synced in a frenzying harmony with every step that each model took. Click, click, pose. Click, click, pose. What were mere outfits to some, were moments in time to me. Each different angle became infinitely worthy to be captured, to be reported about, lusted over, wished for, longed for and needed.

As crushed khaki linen layers and strong scarlet silks marched straight down the barrel of the runway, I was mesmerised, I was enthralled, I was inspired. I decided then and there, that fashion – in whatever form it should take in my life – would be the one thing I would always pursue, on a constant hunt for moments that move me.

It is one thing to know trends; it is another to understand the feeling of fashion. For this reason, I now devote The Fashion Advocate to sharing meaningful content focused on Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and what started as a digital diary of my fashion musings, has now grown into a trusted directory for local brands and products with a purpose.

I share inspiring, personal and uplifting interviews with emerging and established fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, and I promote people who are making a difference. If I can encourage just one reader to turn their support to the local industry, my job here is done.

I am a fashion blogger, a magazine editor, an avid clothes lover and an advocate for the Australian creative industry, but first and foremost, I am a conscious consumer. There is no excuse for fast fashion, no excuse for environmental destruction at the hands of monetary gains, and no excuse for the mistreatment of garment workers. Now is the time to look deep down into that bottom drawer, into the darkest corners of our wardrobes, and start thinking seriously about the impacts of our fashion choices.

I’ve never been one to follow trends or wear something just because it’s ‘in’. Trends create waste and a sense of ‘past season’ or ‘out of date’, and it’s not what fashion should be about. Your style is individual, it is uniquely yours, it is a means of self-expression and creativity, and what you wear should be cherished and engaged with on a personal level.

I could reference Chanel, Anna Wintour, Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel Zoe, or Alexander McQueen, who have all coined some of the most memorable quotes in fashion history, but I agree most with Alber Elbaz, who said, “Fashion is pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.”

I work every day with this quote in mind, and through The Fashion Advocate and through my online store, The Dress Collective, I support labels and brands who are determined to make a positive impact, and we’re all doing it together.

Every garment counts. Buy less, choose well, shop local.

– Claire Goldsworthy.