The ‘classic casual’ is a look that I’ve perfected: fit for unplanned catch-ups, accidental bump-into’s and everything in-between, a carefully considered ‘I woke up like this’ outfit should be kept at the front of every wardrobe.

As much as we all love to lull around in our pajamas on our day off, you should always be prepared for those uninvited drop-ins or last minute moments that call for a quick dash out. But, as easy as it may look for the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the perfect casual outfit is something that actually needs a little thought.

I’ve never been that naturally glamorous girl that can just throw something on and walk out the door. I’m more than capable of throwing something on and walking out the door, but I get more of a shabby-unchic reaction, instead of the girl-next-door vibe I was going for.

One thing that years in the fashion industry has taught me though, is that the classic casual look takes a lot of consideration, and if you execute it right, you’ll be armed and ready when you bump into your ex doing groceries. There’s a methodical approach to the perfect casual look too, and much like the perfect scone recipe, the right ingredient amounts in an outfit are no different.

Step 1: Start with denim on the bottom, never on the top. You want to look like you’re naturally suave, not following a fad trend. Go basic: black, blue or white.

Step 2: Add a good fitting basic tee shirt or tank, not a sloppy joe. The likes of Witchery and Zimmermann make great staple tees that work well with denim, and stick to the same basic colour code in white, black or grey.

Step 3: Add a wedge or clog, not thongs and definitely not ugg boots. I don’t know who and why someone decided to wear ugg boots in public for the first time, but it’s a trend that should stay in doors. Yes, they may be comfy, but the perfect casual look is all about stylized simplicity, not ‘woops I forgot to dress myself properly’.

Step 4: There is no step 4; it’s an easy 3-step process that makes use of 3 core wardrobe pieces to deliver a chic and casual-yet-considered result.

The Fashion Advocate

Claire Goldsworthy

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