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Alan Myerson Handcrafted is a jewellery and accessories label for men and women, with a simple philosophy: to create timeless pieces with a subtle twist and clean design.

The Alan Myerson Handcrafted range is designed by Alan and Prue Myerson in their home on the Victorian coast and ethically made by skilled craftspeople globally, resulting in quality pieces that can be worn seasons after season.

Although the Alan Myerson Handcrafted makers are extremely skilled, their machinery is often limited to basic tools, which means each individual piece is also finished with a 'hand made' feel.

Alan and Prue Myerson strongly believe in fair trade and having a personal connection with their makers and customer, and they value their personal connections.

The Alan Myerson Handcrafted sterling silver jewellery range is hand-crafted in Mexico and Northern Thailand with sterling silver, gold, rose gold plating, brass and copper pieces.

The Alan Myerson Handcrafted leather collection evolves from season to season, and designers Alan and Prue are always sourcing new and interesting luxe leathers to use in their timeless designs.

The Montecristi Hat Company works with Alan Myerson Handcrafted to craft original Panama hats. Hand made in Ecuador, Alan Myerson Handcrafted hats are available in three colours and three sizes, in five different styles. All styles are unisex and can be worn by men and women, making each Alan Myerson Handcrafted hat the perfect hat for the long Australian summer.

+ Australian designed
Alan Myerson Handcrafted is designed in St Andrews Beach, Victoria, Australia, and ethically made by small family-run cottage craft businesses based in Latin America and Northern Thailand. 

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Each Alan Myerson Handcrafted jewellery piece is made with zero-waste design principles, and leather pieces and hats are crafted with sustainable principles in mind. Offcuts fabrics are repurposed for smaller items or reused to reduce waste. Each range is made in small runs to reduce end-of-season waste, and thoughtful design practices ensure each design is made to the highest quality to last season after season, year after year.

+ Ethical
Alan Myerson Handcrafted ranges are ethically made by small communities of skilled craftspeople globally, where all workers are paid ethical wages and work in safe environments. Alan and Prue Myerson personally visit their manufacturing locations annually to ensure ethical production. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
Alan Myerson Handcrafted jewellery and hat ranges are made with natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials, including silver and natural palm fibre.

+ Vegan
No animals have been harmed in the process of textile production and manufacturing, and no animal textiles or by-products are used in the Alan Myerson Handcrafted jewellery and hat ranges. 

Alan Myerson Handcrafted is designed in St Andrews Beach, Victoria, Australia, and ethically made by small family-run cottage craft businesses based in Latin America and Northern Thailand.

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