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With a background in the fashion realm as well as being alumni of RMIT fashion design (honours), Amanda has always had the innate urge to create, and share her creations with others.

The growing urgency for change across all facets of society struck her, so she knew she had to integrate her beliefs with her work; for her own peace of mind as well as to be kind to the one who provides us with our life: Mother Earth. To Amanda, it comes hand in hand and thus, Amanda in Aetheria was born.

Within her label, Amanda explores the ways in which she can lessen her environmental impact. She has explored and will continue to develop the repurposing of the old and forgotten, finding second-hand fabric remnants from sources she has searched for far and wide, and she will continue to strive to challenge new ways she can make her little difference for the better.

To add to lessening her impact, Amanda makes and creates all work herself, in Melbourne, from the birth of the design in her mind to the finished garment to be adorned in.

Amanda utilises some new fabrications, such as in her latest hemp skirt range. Selecting hemp after much research and knowing it is a wonderful plant full of benefits for humans and our environment, it was a natural choice.

Amanda likes to look at Aetheria as the eclectic magical wardrobe of her otherworld full of one-off surprises, pieces that have been thought about extensively to fit a wide range of bodies, as well as other pieces she makes to simply indulge in.

Amanda's work is for those wishing to express their individual creative spark without compromising mother earth.

+ Australian designed
Amanda in Aetheria is designed in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
Amanda in Aetheria is ethically made by hand in EssendonVictoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable
Limited-run Amanda in Aetheria pieces are made from upcycled, vintage and repurposed fabrics, and a range of new fabrications are also mindfully selected.

+ Ethical
Amanda in Aetheria is ethically made by Amanda herself, in safe working conditions in Essendon.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
The Amanda in Aetheria collection is sustainably made with materials that are naturally derived, biodegradable and recyclable such as hemp, linen and silk. All cotton selected is vintage or of second-hand findings.

+ Transparent
Amanda in Aetheria is happy to offer any information if asked about the sourcing and production process behind the brand.

+ Recycled
There are options within Amanda in Aetheria's collections made with recycled fabrics and repurposed materials to reduce consumer waste and promote a zero-waste and sustainable fashion future.

Amanda in Aetheria is designed and ethically made in EssendonVictoria, Australia.

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