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We all experience the world differently – for Amici Collective, the best experiences happen when they immerse themselves, are present, and live each moment along the way. Exploring like locals and hanging in local haunts. Being present and discovering a sense of place, wherever they are. Whilst the team at Amici Collective always see the sights, they love to get lost in the backstreets. Often that is where you discover the true heartbeat of a place.

It is this philosophy that inspired Amici Collective. Truly immersing and living in the moment can be difficult when you feel out of place, and often that comes with the territory of carrying some form of travel bag. There always seems to be a choice to be made between bags that are practical when on the move but lack style, or fashion bags that offer little in the way of function. Amici Collective believe that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive, but when combined, bring a sense of confidence and effortless style to your day.

Amici Collective was created to bring luxe style to travelling and life on the move. Proudly designed and handmade in Australia, the range of genuine leather bags combine luxe details with practical features that keep your essentials organised and secure, with a minimalist style that you can make your own.

Inspired by her own travel experiences, Amanda created Amici Collective to answer the dilemma of choice between style and function when travelling. Amanda wanted to create a brand that would give women a sense of confidence and effortless style, so they feel free to experience the world in their own way. Her intent when designing the collection was to develop products that are versatile to use, with purposeful features, all wrapped up in a sleek and elegant style aesthetic that can work with a woman's individual style.

Quality and Craft: Amici Collective products are designed and handmade in Sydney, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials to create one of a kind pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Purposeful design: All aspects of the products have been designed with purpose, even the packaging, with their signature dust covers designed to be re-used and repurposed at home or when travelling.

Gratitude: Amanda's experiences have shaped her belief that travel is a privilege, one that is out of reach for many people. That’s why we give back to communities in need with every purchase.

+ Australian designed
All Amici Collective products are designed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+ Australian made
All Amici Collective products are made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+ Sustainable
Amici Collective practice low waste production with minimal off-cuts produced during manufacturing. Amici Collective's range includes thoughtfully created pieces that are embedded with artisanal skills and exceptional quality meaning that every piece is made to last to be loved for many years to come.

+ Ethical 
Amici Collective produce every product in a safe and transparent way. Each product is handmade in their Sydney studio, using the highest quality skills and ethical practices possible. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Amici Collective anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. 

Amici Collective is ethically designed and made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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