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Bermuda Black is a fashion label founded in 2016 by designer Marina Roorda and is based in Sydney, Australia. As a self-taught shoemaker and fashion designer without any formal training, Marina works in a contemplative manner in which the designs come to her.

Maintaining the balance between rawness and precision, Marina translates her love of the conceptual and the technical into shoes, garments and accessories to create a refined, understated aesthetic. Based on an evolutionary design process, in defiance of fashion orthodoxy, the aim is to create a cohesive body of work that will remain current but retain a sense of vitality as time passes by. Constructed to complement the human form, the Bermuda Black aesthetic is based on minimalist design with subtle detailing and avant-garde inspired flourishes.

In recognition of the impact our activities have on the planet on which we live, Bermuda Black pieces are made entirely from natural fibres or leather. Fabric selection is made from deadstock or designer overruns, leather is sourced from European tanneries which comply with ISO environmental standards.

All manufacturing processes generate scrap, Bermuda Black repurposes fabric and leather scrap into small items, packaging materials or labels. Donations to schools and artist co-operatives help minimise its own impact and ensure that maximum value has been obtained from all resources.

+ Australian designed
Bermuda Black is designed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+ Australian made
Bermuda Black is ethically made by hand in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero waste
Bermuda Black garments and leather pieces are sustainably made with deadstock materials and all offcuts are repurposed embracing zero-waste design principles. 

+ Ethical
Each handcrafted garment and bag is ethically made in the Bermuda Black studio by designer Marina Roorda herself. 

+ Some eco-friendly fabrics
The Bermuda Black garment range is made with natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton and silk. 

+ Some vegan pieces
The Bermuda Black garment range features vegan fabrics such as 100% cotton. 

Bermuda Black is designed and made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

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