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Read our interview with Brooke Da Cruz here to learn more about its founder and designer, Brooke Da Cruz.

Brooke Da Cruz is an Australian born designer who brings life to a unique but timeless aesthetic with a passionate focus on quality. Her namesake label, Brooke Da Cruz, provides luxurious pieces that leave the wearer feeling amazing inside and out. Each piece adheres to the strong sustainable and ethical values of the brand without compromising (and rather enhancing) their beauty.

The versatility in her pieces and ‘quality over quantity’ mindset go hand in hand with her focus on sustainability. The garments are engineered to be visually striking, yet easy to wear with practical details that go easily from day to night and sometimes metamorphose within themselves. Each style is wear-tested to guarantee a flattering, comfortable fit and sturdy construction, ensuring that these un-basic pieces will be wardrobe staples for years to come.

The Brooke Da Cruz label comes out of a strong belief in creativity and freedom. The Brooke Da Cruz woman is more about an attitude and free-willed spirit than categorised by her age or appearance. She walks to the beat of her own drum and has inherent confidence and passion for life, which is echoed through her clothes. The Brooke Da Cruz woman lives consciously but lives freely.

+ Australian designed
All Brooke Da Cruz products are designed in Mount Pleasant, Western Australia and ethically made in the Indian Himalayas.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Brooke Da Cruz collections include staple pieces made to last and be loved for many years to come. Each garment is 'Made to order' to minimise collection waste, and Brooke Da Cruz upcycle and repurpose all offcuts throughout the manufacturing process. 

+ Ethical
All Brooke Da Cruz garments are made in an ethical manufacturing location offshore that the staff go to visit at least once every two years. They are operating legally and paying above the legal minimum wages. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
Brooke Da Cruz collections contain organic cotton, peace silk, recycled fabrics and Tencel.

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Brooke Da Cruz anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. 

+ Social enterprise
Brooke Da Cruz are committed to providing people access to employment and training to help alleviate poverty in regional communities in the Indian Himalayas. Brooke Da Cruz also utilise artisan crafts and traditional techniques of garment manufacturing.

+ Recycled and circular
Brooke Da Cruz collections are made from recycled fabrics, including RPET and ECONYL. 

Brooke Da Cruz is designed in Mount Pleasant, Western Australia and ethically made in the Indian Himalayas.

Shop the Brooke Da Cruz collection here and support ethical fashion.