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Cameron & James is a Melbourne based, ethically produced label with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Our careful fabric consideration and fashion-forward designs combine with our passion for sustainable and ethical clothing to deliver clothing that transcends seasons to become staples in your wardrobe. We aim to create a stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly label that never compromises on quality or style.

Designed and produced in Melbourne, Cameron & James has grown in strength over the past few years to become well known in the sustainable and ethical fashion movement. We have taken part Undress Runways, a national runway event which features many talented designers from the ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly section of the fashion industry. This has taken the Cameron & James brand from the east coast of Queensland to the south coast of Victoria. We have also shown in the Nation’s capital of Canberra at FashFest in 2015 and 2016, plus many other independent runways throughout Australia. This exposure has helped us to see ourselves from the outside and only strengthen our passion for our fashion-forward, sustainable brand.

As an ethical and sustainable brand, we want to show people about the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion. We believe that you should never have to sacrifice or compromise on style or quality when it comes to clothing. This has been our philosophy from the very beginning and we will continually reduce our fashion footprint as much as possible, by showing people that we can create a sustainable fashion-forward future. We will never compromise when it comes to creating fashionable, sustainable and ethically produced clothing.

Our lead designer Cameron has an eye for minimalist and understated design, focusing on the cut, quality and style above all else. He is supported by a dedicated creative team who help contribute to Cameron & James’ vision for a brand that never compromises on ethics, quality or style. Our garments are inspired by nature and the environment, and Cameron masterfully weaves the natural aesthetic into his designs whilst still maintaining a modern edge. The use of organic fabric compliments the aspects of design drawn from nature to create pieces that look and feel as if they were a natural extension of the body.

+ Australian made
+ Handcrafted
+ Sustainable
+ Ethical
+ Transparent 

+ Child labour-free 

Cameron & James is designed and made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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