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Don’t Do Pretty’s vision is to create unique and powerful clothes for powerful women. Our inaugural collection holds a contemporary edge with statement pieces that get people talking. It aims to empower confidence and embodies individuality with complete pleasure for the wearer. We also proudly manufacture our clothes in Australia and meet Australian standard guidelines when it comes to ethically sourcing our fabrics.

DDP is 100 per cent Australian made and sources the highest quality fabrics and skins. At DDP, we approach design and production with the necessary research to understand the impacts of our chosen industry, and to make a difference to it. We have researched all of our suppliers to ensure they adhere to Australian standards for waste management during the production of our textiles and collections.

When you support DDP, we can assure you that your DDP fabric is bought from a supplier who abides by Australian standards for environmental excellence; your DDP garment is made by Australian workers who have Australian standards for workplace safety and workplace conditions; your DDP garment is made by Australian workers who are paid Australian award wages; you have bought into a brand that stands up against exploitation and pollution; you have bought into a brand that takes a stand for ethical practices in the fashion industry; and you have bought a valuable garment that you will not throw away at the end of season.

+ Australian made

+ Handcrafted
+ Sustainable
+ Ethical 
+ Organic
+ Transparent 
+ Child labour-free

Don't Do Pretty is designed and made in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Shop the full Don't Do Pretty range here and support an ethical fashion future.