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Founded in 2013, Elle Evans Swimwear creates beautiful, sustainable swimwear for people who care about fashion and the future.

Overwhelmed by the impact of the industry they had worked in and loved for years, the team at Elle Evans have been doing things their way from day one. Shying away from mass production they make each swimsuit to order in their ethical workspace in Melbourne, Australia.

Choosing to use luxurious Vita ECONYL regenerated nylon made from 100% nylon waste from the oceans and landfills to create all their products, Elle Evans Swimwear is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion swimwear.

Sustainable practices are the backbone of the company, but contemporary, fashion-focused designs are what Elle Evans Swimwear has become known for. Attention to detail, innovative cuts and their signature nature-inspired prints come together to create magic each and every collection.

The norm in fashion is to manufacture as much as possible all at once in order to reduce costs, but Elle Evans Swimwear has decided the better way is to manufacture each swimsuit, legging or sports-bra only after someone has purchased it. That way, they know each Elle Evans piece they make is going to a happy home, not to landfill. You may wait a little longer for a made to order Elle Evans Swimwear piece, but good swimwear is worth the wait. 

+ Australian designed
Elle Evans Swimwear is designed in-house in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
Elle Evans Swimwear is ethically made by hand in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Once an order is placed, co-founder, designer and seamstress, Elle, heads out to the Elle Evans workspace where four sewing machines, a cutting table and an industrial iron await. She spends the most time laying patterns on to our fabric ‘just so’ to make sure the smallest amount of fabric is left behind. Smaller scraps are saved and often become a frill or strap down the track on someone else’s swimsuit. The order is sewn up, pressed and popped in a carry bag (also sewn in our workshop, out of deadstock fabrics), then posted with biodegradable packaging. 

+ Ethical
Elle Evans Swimwear is ethically made by hand in safe working conditions. Any hired seamstress’ are paid by the hour, above-award wages in Australia, and they work less than five hours at a time with stops for regular tea breaks and pats with the studio kitty cat, Louis.

+ Certified
Elle Evans Swimwear is certified by Good On You as a 'Great' rated brand for its ethical and sustainable practices.

+ Vegan
No animals are harmed in the production of Elle Evans Swimwear, in fact, as ECONYL is made from plastic waste dredged from the sea, the marine-life are actually benefiting from the production of Elle Evans Swimwear.

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Elle Evans Swimwear anything you like about their sourcing and manufacturing processes.

+ Social enterprise 
Elle Evans Swimwear donates $1 from every sale to Healthy Seas, a joint initiative of non-governmental organisations and businesses that share a common mission to clean the seas of marine litter responsible for the needless death of marine animals.

+ Recycled and circular
Made from ECONYL 100% regenerated nylon yarn, Elle Evans Swimwear fabric has a long and fascinating story before it even reaches the workspace in Melbourne. The ECONYL® process starts with rescuing waste, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. That waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible. Through a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original quality - a process that is far less environmentally harmful than the production of 'virgin' nylon. That nylon fibre is then knitted into soft swim fabric in a mill in Italy before it reaches Queensland. Then, Australian printers digitally print Elle Evans Swimwear fabric using water-based, non-toxic inks. No inks are discarded down drains and no washing is required after printing. It's important to Elle Evans Swimwear that once a swimsuit is out of their workspace, it isn't out of their hands. The team at Elle Evans Swimwear want everything they create to be re-worn time and time again, handed down to friends, sisters, brothers and kids and then - and only then - once it has reached its full potential, recycled back into the system it came from. That’s the beauty of the ECONYL Regeneration System; while Evans Swimwear is still only a young company, they hope that in the future their customers can recycle their Elle Evans swimsuit, leggings, rashies or sports bras, knowing that they have closed the loop rather than left a footprint on the ecosystem. 

Elle Evans Swimwear is designed and made ethically in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

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