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Eloïse Panetta is a luxury womenswear label motivated by feminine empowerment and nurtured by a transparent and ethical approach to fashion design. Honouring artisanal skills passed down through Eloïse's Italian heritage, every product is proudly handmade in their Sydney atelier. Focusing on small quantities and exclusivity, they create products that embody luxury fashion and thoughtfully sustainable practice.

Botanical Dyeing Process
The team at Eloïse Panetta use a natural dyeing process that extracts colour and texture from various Australian leaves, flowers and berries. This process is called botanical dyeing. The plants are wrapped in the silk and steamed for a duration of time. During this time, the plant materials are embedded into the silk fibre, revealing the most exquisite colours and textures. This process is completely unpredictable, which makes the final piece of silk extremely unique and special.

At Eloïse Panetta, every effort and commitment is made to ensure they implement the most current sustainable, eco-friendly, socially responsible and ethical practices in everything they do.

The team only use materials with a strong ethical and sustainable focus. They are always searching for new and improved ways of minimising their footprint and embedding this ethos into all products, packaging and their design process. 

When you buy from Eloïse Panetta, you can ensure that every effort has been made to provide you with the highest quality materials, sourced from ethical, sustainable and socially responsible suppliers, manufacturers and businesses.

+ Australian made
All Eloïse Panetta products are designed in Sydney and handmade ethically in Sydney, Australia.

+ Australian designed
All Eloïse Panetta products are designed in Sydney and handmade ethically in Sydney, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
The team at Eloïse Panetta up-cycle scrap fabrics and turn them into beautiful silk hair accessories, they also use natural dyes extracted from plants and flowers using an eco-friendly steaming process. The team create made to order pieces minimising collection waste and remain low waste with minimal off-cuts. Every single off-cut is patch-worked together to create smaller silk hair accessories. All Eloïse Panetta collections include thoughtfully created pieces that are embedded with artisanal skills and exceptional quality meaning that every piece is made to last and be loved for many years to come.

+ Ethical
Eloïse Panetta produces every product in a safe and transparent way. Each product is handmade in their Sydney studio, using the highest quality skills and ethical practices possible. Every piece is thoughtfully and ethically produced in-house, modelling the traditional atelier. The team are always striving for and working to the highest ethical standards possible and will always work at improving their practices to reflect this important value.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
The team at Eloïse Panetta use a combination of beautiful eco-friendly fabrics including silk and linen. Most recently, they've developed a new collection that implements organic and sustainably produced ‘Peace Silk’ and plant-based fabrics called ‘rose petal silk, banana silk and soy silk. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Eloïse Panetta anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. 

+ Recycled
Eloïse Panetta use recycled silk from old clothes, deadstock fabrics and old fabric scraps and recycled elastic where available from Reverse Garbage.

Eloïse Panetta is ethically designed and made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

Support an ethical fashion future and shop the full Eloïse Panetta range here.