GAAL eco friendly fashion label Melbourne


Founded by Brianna and Mathew Gaal, GAÁL is a fashion label born in Melbourne Australia. GAÁL designs bold essentials for those who live loudly and consciously, so you never have to compromise yourself or your style. 

GAÁL was started with the vision to raise the bar on transparency in the fashion industry and promote a circular, regenerative model of producing clothing. Every garment made has its entire lifecycle considered right from the start. The materials that go into every piece of clothing, fabric, thread, buttons, interlining and even shoulder pads, are made from low-impact, natural materials that are compostable.

GAÁL aims to provide complete transparency about the suppliers they work with. People aren't always willing to share that information, but the team at GAÁL make it their mission to find out, share it and make their supply chain even better wherever they can.

All of GAÁL's clothes are made in Melbourne, Australia, brought to life by their partner factory and their team of expert machinists. GAÁL's factory follows strict regulations to ensure fair and safe working conditions. They are also just a short drive away so the team at GAÁL visit them a lot to make sure they're operating properly!

GAÁL don't claim to be perfectly sustainable or ethical, in fact, that almost certainly doesn’t exist. GAÁL have done their best to understand the problems, some of which are super complex, and create the best possible solutions that align with their values. These will no doubt change over time as they learn new information and as new materials and technologies become more accessible. 

+ Australian designed
The full GAÁL collection is designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
The full GAÁL collection is made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Ethical
The full GAÁL collection is made in-house in safe working conditions. Each product is handmade in their partner factory, using the highest quality skills and ethical practices possible.

+ Eco-friendly materials
The full GAÁL collection is made from materials that are naturally derived, biodegradable and recycled. GAÁL uses materials such as 100% Organic cotton and Cupro.

+ Vegan
No animals have been harmed in the production of GAÁL's pieces. No animal textiles or animal by-products are used throughout any collection.

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at GAÁL anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. 

+ Recycled
Items in GAÁL's collections contain Cupro, which is made from fine silky fibres called linter which is thrown away in the cultivation of cotton crops. The Cupro that GAÁL utilises is made in Japan, where the linters are dissolved in a non-toxic solvent, spun into fibres and then woven into fabric in a zero-waste process that uses renewable energy.

+ Certified
GAÁL is GOTS Certified and OEKO-TEX Sustainability Certified.

+ GOTS Certified
+ OEKO-TEX Sustainability Certification

The full GAÁL collection is designed and made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

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