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Ginger & Co is a Melbourne based maker of innovative superfood snacks and beverages founded by siblings Anna and Visayon, who wanted to create supplements and healthy products in a delicious form that people can enjoy at home or at a café.

Ginger & Co make use of beautiful locally grown superfood ingredients such as turmeric, green tea and broccoli sprout to create unique drinks and snacks that are both delicious and rich in health benefits. Their products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients and do not contain any added sugar or additives. The brand’s latest blends, Lavender and Flowers Sleep Latte, and Reishi and Ginseng Immunity Latte are their most innovative creations yet blending beautiful flavours with powerful herbal ingredients.

All Ginger & Co products have been formulated with convenience in mind and only take a few minutes to brew at home with minimal equipment.

Ginger & Co superfood drinks are delicious. All Ginger & Co products are trialled dozens of times to ensure they pass the brand’s rigorous ‘taste’ test. Unsuspecting customers are often surprised by the deliciousness of the brand’s unique herbal latte blends.

Ginger & Co superfood drinks are amazing for your health. All ingredients that go into Ginger & Co blends have been specially selected for their scientifically proven health benefits.

Ginger & Co superfood drinks are made with locally grown ingredients. The brand makes use of locally grown superfood ingredients where possible. These include turmeric from Queensland, green tea from Victoria and broccoli sprout from Victoria, among others. Local ingredients are a lot more expensive than imported ingredients but they are fresher and higher in quality, plus it’s a great way to support our local growers too!

Ginger & Co take exceptional care, and their focus on ‘the complete drinking experience’ ensures that all their products are made to the highest quality possible. This includes the brand milling many of its ingredients in-house to produce a super fine powder that gives a smooth drinking experience. This is in contrast to many other brands who simply buy their ingredients off the shelf. You can taste the quality difference in Ginger & Co products.

Ginger & Co superfood drinks are made with natural ingredients. All Ginger & Co products are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and do not contain added sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives or additives. Unlike many mass-market chai powders which contain mainly sugar and artificial flavours, Ginger & Co's chai powder is made with 100% finely milled tea leaves and spices. The tea leaves are sourced directly from a plantation too.

+ Australian designed
All Ginger & Co products are designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
All Ginger & Co products are made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero waste
Ginger & Co are careful not to cause any wastage throughout the creation of their products, and only the needed ingredients are used.

+ Ethical
Ginger & Co products are made in-house, in safe working conditions in Australia and all staff are paid ethical wages.

+ Eco-friendly ingredients
All Ginger & Co products are made from naturally derived and organic ingredients.

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Ginger & Co anything you want about their supply chain, ingredients and practices.

Ginger & Co products are made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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