Naomi Swalwell is the Founder and Creative Director of House of Lacuna, and a slow-fashion enthusiast who grew up with a huge love for sustainability, nature and the ocean. Naomi’s inspiration to launch House of Lacuna was ignited by her frustration of the highly destructive nature of the fast-fashion industry. She wanted to create her own sustainable womenswear label that embodied slow fashion values and create beautiful clothing collections with a sustainable purpose that others could enjoy.

Naomi started her career in garment construction and design, where she worked for eight years before moving into apparel buying and production management. She launched House of Lacuna in 2019, bringing a fresh and vibrant new aesthetic to ethical fashion for Australian women. Naomi’s knowledge in design and garment construction combined with her experience in the rag trade makes her ethically-minded and sustainably conscious fashion label, one you’ll absolutely love.

Residing on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, Naomi draws inspiration for her unique designs and bespoke prints from the stunning landscape she proudly calls home.

As a brand, House of Lacuna approaches its design process with sustainability strategies in mind, always. Their design ideology puts function before form, quality over quantity and slow over fast. But this doesn’t make their beautifully crafted women’s clothing any less wearable. In fact, the trans-seasonal wearability of our collections is what makes House of Lacuna so special.

House of Lacuna have implemented a circular loop in the manufacturing of their product to create circularity in the supply chain, and their production cycle incubates a sustainable and ethical supply chain too. House of Lacuna collections are designed in Australia and ethically manufactured in a Balinese factory where sustainable resource management and positive working conditions are paramount.

House of Lacuna garments are hand made with natural fibres and organic fabrics that can be traced to their raw form, where they were grown, spun and produced.

+ Australian designed
House of Lacuna is designed on the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia and ethically made by small independent family-owned studios in Bali and India.

+ Ethical
House of Lacuna is designed on the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia and ethically made by small independent family-owned studios in Bali and India. All House of Lacuna garments are manufactured by a small production family business that embody ethical values and practices. Naomi visits her production locations regularly to ensure ethical and safe working conditions.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
House of Lacuna collections are made in small runs or 'made to order' to minimise waste, and all textile offcuts are used and repurposed for other items to ensure a zero-waste design philosophy. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
House of Lacuna uses only eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable fabrics like cotton and linen. All materials are naturally derived. 

+ Social enterprise
House of Lacuna is a social enterprise that exists to create positive social and environmental change. House of Lacuna work with independent makers to provide disadvantaged communities access to employment in regional areas.

House of Lacuna is designed on the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia and ethically made by small independent family-owned studios in Bali and India.

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