Luna and Sun sustainable ethical Australian made womens fashion online dresses


Luna + Sun is designed to provide women with sustainable fashion options that can be worn for life. Whether you want kids in the future, have a bun in the oven right now, or are a mama already - Luna + Sun pieces are designed to adapt to your changing body and are breastfeeding-friendly.

Luna + Sun is a brand that puts people and the planet first. Luna + Sun's founder, Teshani McManus, is of South Asian background and has seen the hardships and inequalities that (mainly) women face when working in the garment industry. These inequalities drove her to create a brand built on transparent and ethical values, and one that empowered women - not just those who wear Luna + Sun - but those who bring the clothes to life.

+ Australian designed
Luna + Sun is designed and ethically made in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

+ Australian made
Luna + Sun is designed and ethically made in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Luna + Sun collections are made in small runs and 'made to order' to minimise waste, and all textile offcuts are used and repurposed for other items to ensure a sustainable and zero-waste design philosophy. Luna + Sun also offers a take-back program to repair your garments to support circular fashion practices.

+ Ethical
Luna + Sun collections are ethically made in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia by an independent maker who is paid ethical and fair wages. All workers are treated ethically and working conditions are clean and safe.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
Luna + Sun uses only eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable fabrics like cotton and linen. All materials are naturally derived. 

Luna + Sun is Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited to ensure and verify ethical production and manufacturing practices. 

+ Vegan
Luna + Sun is an animal-friendly vegan fashion label. No animals have been harmed in the process of textile production or manufacturing, and no animal textiles or animal by-products are used. 

+ Transparent
Luna + Sun is a transparent fashion label and you can ask the team any questions you have about their materials, sourcing and supply chain.

+ Social enterprise
Luna + Sun is a social enterprise that exists to create positive social and environmental change. Luna + Sun plant one tree for every tree their customers purchase with orders and they also support several charities. They give back a portion of sales to their chosen charity partners too.

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