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MASTANI is the vision of Founder and Creative Director, Kudrat Makkar. Through MASTANI, she wants to take the customers to a journey into the world of the hands that made it and the culture that shaped it. By using traditional handmade techniques which are inherited by the artisans from their ancestors, Kudrat aims to preserve and revitalise her cultural heritage through MASTANI.

The woman of today has evolved from a stereotyped subservient past to an individual that commands power and respect.

MASTANI embraces this woman.

Inspired by the evolution of modern women to a position of power, MASTANI is characterised by strength and beauty. With an ideology that embraces Kudrat's cultural heritage and contemporary fashion influences, MASTANI aims to inspire confidence and empower women to express the multifaceted modern female identity.

MASTANI thrives to preserve and revitalise handmade and traditional techniques which are often passed from one generation of artisans to the next. For MASTANI, luxury is defined by the detail and unique quality that creating a garment by hand brings. The essence of MASTANI is the concoction of age-old craftsmanship and modern design excellence with a focus on sophistication and edge.

+ Australian designed
MASTANI is designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Each MASTANI garment is made by hand in the MASTANI atelier in limited numbers or made to order, ensuring minimal waste. MASTANI prides itself on its ability to repurpose and reuse their textile waste. Instead of discarding scraps, all offcuts are stored for finishings and trimmings on garment bags and garments. Samples and garments that do not pass quality control are either upcycled by the atelier or donated within the local community. 

+ Ethical
The Mastani-owned atelier is located in Bengaluru, in the Indian state of Karnataka and consists of a small technical team of twenty. MASTANI's close-knit team is provided with excellent working facilities and resources. With an open-door policy, the MASTANI atelier often has visitors from local community members as well as other artisans who also practice traditional handmade techniques. Owner Kudrat Makkar spent a year setting up the atelier, searching for the right location, training her technical team and ensuring that working and wage standards went beyond the minimum requirements. The atelier employment and business in Bengaluru guarantee income to local families and extends support to the broader community by collaborating with other local artisans. Kudrat personally visits the atelier two to three times a year, and the MASTANI senior management team and head designers visit regularly. All employees are directly paid by Kudrat, therefore, eliminating any issues with underpayment. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
The MASTANI range is made with premium, natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable fabrics. Silk, cotton, Tencel, wool and linen are used in a large portion of the Mastani range, as quality natural fibres are an integral element of the MASTANI brand ethos. Many of MASTANI's silks have been hand-loomed without electricity, or are peace-farmed and vegan friendly, and dyed using natural dyes embracing traditional Indian methods. MASTANI is set to introduce recycled and regenerated fibres and yarns into the upcoming AW20 collection, striving towards their goal of 100% natural or sustainable materials for future ranges.

+ Certified
MASTANI is Craftmark Certified and currently in the process of achieving WRAP Certification. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at 
MASTANI anything you would like to know about their sourcing and manufacturing processes.

+ Social enterprise
MASTANI takes a holistic approach to ensure the welfare of its core employees and their families, including:
- Paying above minimum wage.
- Offering employment on a permanent basis (not casual or daily, which provides long-term security).
- Sponsoring home rental costs for artisans from regional or rural areas.
- Sponsoring school costs for the children of the employees.

In return, this helps MASTANI to retain its skilled staff who are given regular training from masters in sewing, design and patternmaking. The team is led by MASTANI's Head of Design (originally from Italy) who trains and teaches more contemporary and technical ways of production to the employees.

MASTANI has also adopted a handloom in Varanasi, India, which looms only MASTANI silks for a contracted five year period. This provides the family that owns the traditional loom with a secure income and steady flow of work during this time. Each MASTANI collection showcases different techniques from all over India, helping to preserve traditional methods and provide employment for skilled artisans that are often based in the poorer and disadvantaged regional areas of India. Examples include block printing, bandhani, tie and die, and Ajrakh.

MASTANI is designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and ethically made by a dedicated MASTANI-owned atelier in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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