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No.22's style evokes and reflects Cinzia Calarco's Italian heritage. It blends the lively and proud verve of the antique and classic continent with fresh and modern elegance. Each piece is made with colourful, unique and extremely limited fabrics, sourced from different countries around the world. 

The main idea behind No.22's collection is to keep the Italian culture and traditions expressed and alive. This is done by designing and developing each piece with artisanal tailoring and attention to fine detail, creating an international and modern elegance in a look that is versatile, yet different.

"Every woman is unique, therefore every piece designed in my collection is also a reflection of the inspiration I find in these differences."

+ Australian designed
All No.22 pieces are designed in Sunrise Beach, Queensland, Australia.

+ Australian made
All No.22 pieces are made in Sunrise Beach, Queensland, Australia.

+ Sustainable
No.22 pieces are made from pure, recyclable materials, most of which are from deadstock fabrics to eliminate collection wastage. During production, the team at No.22 aim to minimise waste whilst cutting fabric, any leftover or scrap material is donated to schools to be used during art classes.

+ Ethical
No. 22 operate in safe working conditions, founder Cinza also hires local women to give them an opportunity to learn a new craft and make a safe living.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
No. 22 collections are made with recyclable and biodegradable materials including cotton, linen, silk, Tencel and wool.

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at No.22 anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. 

No.22 is designed and made in Sunrise Beach, Queensland, Australia. 

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