SMENA Melbourne made in melbourne recycled leather bags


SMENA Melbourne pieces are functional, sustainable, trans-seasonal and high quality. Each design is carefully considered to minimise waste and all offcuts are repurposed for smaller pieces.

One-off designs, limited edition fashion accessories and wearable art are created alongside exclusive collections featuring small runs of bags, clutches, earrings and most recently homewares. 

‘SMENA' is the feminine word for 'change' in Macedonian. The concept was brought to life after founder Jaklina's visit to her parent’s homeland, where she acquired a deeper understanding of her heritage. From that moment, she was inspired and motivated to work hard to create a platform that would allow her to express who she is and her passion, sharing it with the world through design.

Over the years there have been many changes in the industry, including off-shore production exploding with many designers taking their production outside of Australia and choosing mass ‘fast fashion’ over meaning. Despite this, the development of SMENA continued and the high-end nature and Melbourne-based manufacturing processes remained unchanged. SMENA products continue to be proudly made by hand in the same space they always have – a small workshop in Melbourne.

Functionality, endurance and sustainability are important elements in this industry. At SMENA all of these are considered, starting from the materials selected for each design and the processes followed, to the waste (or lack thereof) as a result of careful production – what would usually be considered as a wasteful offcut is transformed into its own piece.

+ Australian designed
All SMENA products are designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
All SMENA products are ethically made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero waste
SMENA upcycles all leather offcuts for the production of their smaller items, such as purses, earrings and keyrings.  

+ Ethical
SMENA makes all of their own products in ethical conditions from their studio in Melbourne.

+ Transparent
You can ask SMENA anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes.

+ Recycled and circular
The smaller items in the SMENA range are made from leather offcuts.

SMENA is designed and ethically made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

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