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Terra creates handcrafted, thoughtfully curated clothing and lifestyle pieces to enchant, the carefully considered boutique offers bespoke, small batch treasures and earthly wisdom for the modern mystic.

With Gaia as their muse, sustainability and ethics run deep into the roots of the label, offering a warm haven for kindred spirits to gather as they journey toward a wholesome life of connection and grounding.

Beautiful fashion needn't cost the Earth, and Terra are here to prove it. Here's how...

The largest pollutant of clean water globally is agriculture, the origin of where natural fibres come from to make Terra'a clothes. They have chosen to use hemp fibre as it produces 200-250% more fibre in the same amount of land compared to cotton, using around half the amount of water. Textile dyeing comes in second of the largest pollutants and according to WaterAid, 1 in 9 people do not have clean water close to home. It is paramount for Terra that they do not contribute to this water contamination, so they use rainwater runoff, organic plant matter to make their dyes, and the whole process is completed by hand by them. Having full control over the process gives the team at Terra the ability to monitor and minimise any waste and the only byproduct of their process is completely safe and compostable.

Many commonly used agricultural chemicals, once believed to be harmless, are now proven as toxic, carcinogenic substances and are fast becoming banned in many countries. Another amazing benefit of using hemp fibre is that the plant itself does not require chemicals during its growth process. Combining this with Terra's botanical dye process means there are no toxic chemicals being dumped into our precious environment and no toxic chemicals on your body when you wear Terra's clothes.

Terra's response to the fast fashion mentality is to only manufacture and dye products in small batch quantities to meet demand, ensuring no waste from excess stock. The team at Terra design timeless, versatile garments that can be worn casually or dressed up, at home or while travelling and they do not release seasonally but rather when designs are ready. Terra's aim is to continually build on their efforts to educate customers on the importance of keeping their clothes for a long time, with long-term plans to offer ongoing styling, care and repair support for customers.

Alongside Terra's efforts to change the mentality around disposable clothing, they use upcycled fabrics and offcuts to create packaging and other small products in order to divert fabric destined for landfill into a new and useful life.

Hemp is a natural fibre that eventually will break down and degrade, therefore does not pose this threat to aquatic ecosystems. Terra also says no to plastic in their supply chain, business operations, and personal lives. The team at Terra have worked with their manufacturer to ensure that pieces are not individually wrapped, rather that they are sent all together in one cardboard box that could then reused or recycled. Garments are packaged in upcycled fabric produce bags that customers can then reuse to combat their own plastic consumption. Terra also use 100% recycled paper and stickers printed with eco-friendly ink to finish the product. 

+ Australian designed
All Terra products are designed in-house in the Grampians, Victoria Australia. 

+ Australian made
Terra is proudly made in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia. 

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Terra uses 100% hemp fabric which is not only durable, giving your garment a long life but is also compostable at the end of its life. To ensure garments remain compostable they also sew on coconut buttons and their signature cotton tags. The garments are botanically hand-dyed by the Terra team here in the Grampians. This allows them to control water usage and ensure there is no chemical run-off into waterways. All off-cuts are repurposed to create upcycled produce bags, which customers can continue to use to reduce their plastic usage. The Terra team also work hard with its manufacturer to eliminate any plastic being used during freight and request ant cutoffs so that they can be reused in other products.

+ Ethical
Terra is ethically made by hand in-house and all workers are treated and paid fairly.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
Terra use Hemp throughout their collections which is botanically dyed by hand in their Dunkeld studio.

+ Certified 
Terra are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified.

+ Vegan
No animals have been harmed in the process of textile production or manufacturing. No animal textiles or animal by-products are used throughout Terra collections. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Terra anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes.

+ Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification

Terra is designed and made in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia.

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