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The Anjelms Project creates ethically produced collections through sustainable and socially responsible practices while using fashion as a vehicle to protect and empower disadvantaged communities in Bali, Nepal and India.

The Anjelms Project was created in 2008 by Gaelle Beech and her Balinese friend Luh Ariadi 'Arik'. In 2012, their project template was taken to Kathmandu in Nepal where basics, knitwear and accessories are made with the collaboration of the Himalayan Nepal Export group. In 2014, The Anjelms Project started a collaboration with The Stitching Project in Pushkar, India, which is a community-driven social enterprise run by the textile artist, Fiona Wright and her husband Praveen Naya.

The Anjelms Project is committed to: 
+ Using locally sourced textiles focusing on traditional handlooms, natural fibres, dyes and block printing. We celebrate cultural heritage and traditional skills.
+ Minimising waste through the optimisation of garment production.
+ Providing a safe and fair working environment for all our team members and collaborators.
+ Working directly with our producer groups to ensure a transparent production supply chain. This direct relationship allows us to offer our customers quality garments with a reasonable price tag.
+ Collaborating with emerging Australian fashion and visual designers to create socially and sustainably responsible collections that are unique, vibrant and innovative. This allows us to grow a network of creatives who care and provide our customers with an affordable, individual, versatile and comfortable wardrobe.

Our collection strives to tick all the boxes of the 10 fair-trade principles and to be unique and transparent. 

+ Australian designed
+ Sustainable
+ Ethical
+ Eco-friendly fabrics
+ Certified
+ Vegan

+ Transparent
+ Social enterprise

+ Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification
+ Craftmark Certified

The Anjelms Project is designed in White Gum Valley, Western Australia, and ethically made by small communities of women in Bali, Nepal and India.

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