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The Road makes decent-looking basics for basically decent people. The Road treats their workers well, uses material that doesn't wreck the planet and they make clothes that last.

The fashion industry has taught us that when it comes to good design, strong ethics, and an accessible price, you have to pick two and not worry about the third. The Road is calling bullshit on that.

The Road crafts their clothes to look good and to last, but they don’t view either of those things as a luxury. More importantly, The Road build their tees with sustainably sourced cotton from GOTS and Fairtrade certified farms and mills and dye them using a zero-liquid discharge system to stop wastewater run-off.

The Road pays their makers in India a living wage, with health care benefits, a retirement fund, holiday leave and a housing programme – exactly the sort of things you’d want in a full-time job. Making clothes that don’t further mess with our already messed up world is essential to The Road.

The reality is, you can’t feel good in your clothes if you know behind the seams, they’re stained with workers’ blood. You can’t feel good in your clothes if you know the dyes they used to achieve that colour literally poisoned the earth. And The Road want you to feel good in your clothes. Well, actually, we want you to feel good in our clothes. 

The Road is not a fast-fashion brand, but they do believe ethics in fashion should be mainstream. They're also not a luxury brand, because they believe everyone should be able to access high-quality clothes at a price they can afford.

+ Australian designed
The Road is designed in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia.

+ Sustainable
The Road is committed to sustainable practices, and repurpose their offcuts for other items as much as possible. The Road designs with longevity in mind and sustainable values at its core, releasing garments that can be worn season after season, for years to come. 

+ Ethical
The Road is designed in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia and ethically made by an independent family maker in Tamil Nadu, India, who adheres to ethical standards for safe and fair working conditions and manufacturing practises. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
The Road utilises premium, eco-friendly and biodegradable organic Fairtrade cotton. Quality natural fibres are an integral element of The Road brand ethos.

+ Vegan
No animals are harmed in the production of The Road garments. No animal textiles or animal by-products are used throughout any collection.

The Road is designed in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia and ethically made by an independent and ethical maker in Tamil Nadu, India.

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