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Intuitive Whispers is dedicated to supporting women to make conscious decisions regarding their health. 

Intuitive Whispers' deodorant is free from parabens, aluminium, bicarb soda, hormone disrupters and other toxic chemicals, and instead made with carefully selected healing ingredients to support your breast tissue and lymph glands.

Designed for the woman who doesn't want to compromise between beauty, glamour and wellness, Intuitive Whispers looks gorgeous, smells beautiful, and it works. 

Intuitive Whispers products are 100% vegan with no animal testing and made with only ethically sourced ingredients. They're extra gentle, aluminium and bi-carb free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and 100% made in Australia by an Australian owned company.

Each stage of the Intuitive Whispers supply chain and business is thoughtfully considered, and the entire range is handcrafted in Melbourne. As big as the brand gets, the goal is to remain locally made in order to keep employing and supporting locals.

Intuitive Whispers are passionate about reducing plastic and waste and use mailers from Better Packaging Co, which compost after use. Each product is made to order, so there is no excess stock or wastage, and stock is only produced as required.

Intuitive Whispers are clear and honest about every single ingredient and process and don't use 'tricky' or misleading jargon. There are many versions of essential oil ingredients on the market, but Intuitive Whispers refuse to use lower or inferior quality ingredients that will impact the effectiveness of the products even if it would increase their overall profitability.

Intuitive Whispers was founded by Jane Vandermeer, and the brand has evolved due to her own experiences and health challenges. Jane always loved beauty, fashion and glamour, as well as health, wellness and spirituality (before it was even a thing). Jane had tried many natural deodorants that didn't work, and upon closer inspection, they were filled with hidden nasty ingredients. And while Jane loved wearing perfume, most contained a concoction of chemicals. On a trip to Paris, whilst immersing herself in the fashion, culture and treats, Jane was also furthering her studies to create and blend perfumes and aromatherapy.

And voila! Jane's two worlds become one, and her range of beautiful artisan, multifaceted, multidimensional healing products was born.

Intuitive Whispers toxin-free deodorants and perfumes are ethically made for the conscious consumer with carefully considered ingredients full of love and care.

+ Australian designed
Intuitive Whispers is ethically formulated and sustainably made in Surrey Hills North, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
Intuitive Whispers is ethically formulated and sustainably made in Surrey Hills North, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Intuitive Whispers handcraft each product 'made to order' to reduce waste. Products are packaged in recyclable glass bottles and no plastic is used for shipping.

+ Ethical 
Intuitive Whispers is ethically hand-crafted in house Surrey Hills North, Victoria, Australia.

+ Eco-friendly ingredients 
Intuitive Whispers products are free from parabens, toxins, chemicals, synthetic ingredients, preservatives and colourants, and instead made with naturally-derived ingredients and essential oils to nurture your health and wellbeing.

+ Vegan 
No animals have been harmed in the production of Intuitive Whispers products and the range is not tested on animals. Intuitive Whispers is in the process of attaining vegan certification. 

+ Transparent 
You can ask the team at Intuitive Whispers anything you'd like to know about their ingredients, sourcing and production processes.

+ Social enterprise
Intuitive Whispers' main ingredient supplier donates a percentage of each sale to charity and works with Co-Impact Sourcing to supply the highest quality essential oils while making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, distillers and their communities. With a dedication to a transparent and ethical supply chain, Co-Impact Sourcing works to build stable livelihoods while supporting the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. Oils are sourced from over 40 countries, more than half of which are developing countries, so Co-Impact Sourcing ensures that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated fairly and ethically.

Intuitive Whispers' main ingredient supplier also supports the ‘Girls for Leaders in Kenya’ program, matching funds to establish a program that trains, supports, and uplifts disadvantaged and abused girls in Kenya. This helps transform their lives and families by becoming social change leaders in their own communities and beyond through camps and workshops for over 2,000 HIV+ or HIV at-risk girls from eight different villages and four ethnic tribes. These Resilient Health and Well-Being camps bring girls together to help build social and emotional health and leadership skills. They also emphasise healing in all stages of growth to ensure girls can finish school, stay healthy, overcome violence, and become the leaders that the world needs.

Intuitive Whispers is ethically formulated and sustainably made in Surrey Hills North, Victoria, Australia.

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