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'van den Berg Fashion' is a creative brand for creative people. After graduating from university in 2016, founder Hayley van den Berg-Pitt immediately started working on her label, van den Berg Fashion. Hayley has always loved design and once she began studying and interning, learnt so much about the environmental impact fashion has.

Hayley had always been inspired by nature too. Many of her first designs utilised flowers as a major inspiration. From being so inspired by nature, Hayley knew she wanted van dan Berg to also give back to the environment. All designs for van den Berg Fashion are made from dead-stock fabric, and all cutting room ‘scraps’ are collected and reused for accessories, meaning that each garment is zero waste.

Hayley is inspired by the people around her and the world she sees; there is so much beauty in it. van den Berg Fashion was started for women who want to wear something a little different and have fun with how they dress, knowing that the clothing is made ethically and with zero-waste. Hayley wanted her brand to feel personal to the people who wear it.

Hayley also offers sewing patterns so people can make items themselves and a number of pieces include personalised stitching. She is working on expanding this to adjustable, personalised elements. It’s important to Hayley that people have a connection to the clothes they are wearing and that it’s not just because it’s 'something pretty'.

Everything is made in Hayley's studio in Melbourne, and even as her brand grows she intends to continue this way. This ensures each garment is made ethically and to a high standard. The process of ensuring zero-waste is a hard one, but its something Hayley is really committed to. She collects scraps of every garment she makes, even if it's a one-off piece. Hayley then sorts these scraps into similar colours and works them together to make bags and pouches. One day she plans to also make other accessories that use ‘scrap’ fabrics.

+ Australian designed
van den Berg Fashion is designed in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
van den Berg Fashion is ethically made in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and Zero-waste
van den Berg Fashion is zero-waste and uses dead-stock fabric where possible. The brand also keeps a theme running over multiple seasons - any season can be styled together. 

+ Ethical
Everything is made by founder Hayley in her studio in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at van den Berg anything you want about their supply chain, practices, fabrics and manufacturing processes. 

van den Berg Fashion is designed and ethically made in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

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