The Fashion Advocate Velvet Heartbeart Vegan Handbags


Velvet Heartbeat designs and makes beautifully stylish bags and accessories for the conscious fashionista. The foundations of this brand are firmly rooted in vegan values; doing no harm to animals, people or the planet, and helping to push the fashion industry to a future where all fashion is ethical.

Velvet Heartbeat believes no animal should be harmed for the sake of fashion, so all Velvet Heartbeat materials are free from any animal products. 

Velvet Heartbeat believes in using what already exists to reduce fashion industry waste so materials and hardware are sourced from industry surplus, vintage components and up-cycled goods. 

Velvet Heartbeat believes in a plant-based fashion future. Velvet Heartbeat's range of Piñatex pineapple leather bags are made from the fibrous leaves of the pineapple plants - a former waste product of pineapple farming and an additional source of income for the farmers. Velvet Heartbeat is always looking into new cutting edge sustainable textile technologies so stay tuned!

There is nothing glamorous about mass production and fast fashion. The fact that overproduced clothing and accessories are burned or sent to landfill after people and the environment have already suffered to produce them - is nothing short of horrifying. Fashion should be fun and expressive instead of harmful, so Velvet Heartbeat believes in ethically producing timeless and seasonless styles in small batches or made to order, and every bag is made to last a lifetime.

Velvet Heartbeat utilises all scraps and remnants back into future designs, even loose threads and fabric too small to sew can are used as stuffing in smaller items such as pompom key rings. 

Velvet Heartbeat has a firm stance on never paying less than the living wage and ensuring anyone who makes their products is treated fairly and safely at work. Money is not a good enough reason to compromise the wellbeing of anyone.

+ New Zealand designed
All Velvet Heartbeat bags are designed by Velvet Heartbeat's founder, Suzie Eggleton in her studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand made
All Velvet Heartbeat bags are made in-house in the Velvet Heartbeat studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
Velvet Heartbeat bags are made with deadstock, upcycled or sustainable and responsibly-sourced fabrics to reduce waste, and all offcuts are repurposed in future collections. Velvet Heartbeat bags are also available 'made to order’ to minimise collection waste and each Velvet Heartbeat bag is designed to be worn and loved season after season, year after year. Velvet Heartbeat resonates with the term 'low waste' as all scraps and loose threads are collected and reused in future designs. Velvet Heartbeat uses home-compostable and/or recyclable packaging, and all workroom rubbish is sorted into re-use, compost or recyclables to minimise landfill rubbish.

+ Ethical
All Velvet Heartbeat bags are ethically made in-house in the Velvet Heartbeat studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, and all staff are paid above-award ethical and living wages. 

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
Velvet Heartbeat bags are made with natural and biodegradable materials such as Piñatex pineapple leather, cotton, hemp and hessian from recycled coffee sacks. 

+ Certified
Velvet Heartbeat is Certified New Zealand made via Buy New Zealand Made. 

+ Vegan
All Velvet Heartbeat bags are cruelty-free and vegan. No animals have been harmed in the process of textile production or manufacturing and no animal textiles or animal by-products are used in Velvet Heartbeat products. 

+ Transparent
You can ask the team at Velvet Heartbeat anything you want about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. Velvet Heartbeat is a transparent brand, and they understand the source of materials as well as ethical and sustainable conduct throughout their entire production cycle. 

+ Velvet Heartbeat is Certified New Zealand made via Buy New Zealand Made.

Velvet Heartbeat bags are designed and ethically made in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. 

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