An open letter to Instagram from a small business trying to change the world


Dear Instagram,

I might be just one of the one billion people who use you every month, but I want my voice heard.

I'm not selling plastic solutions to laziness. I'm not selling fad diets to insecure women. I don't endorse guns, racism, or any one religion. I don't share endless 'hauls' of fast fashion that will inevitably end up in landfill within one year. I don't endorse wasteful consumerism and mindless buying. I don't post selfies for the comments and confidence. I don't sell 'get rich quick secrets' to people who need support, not schemes.

There are plenty of things I don't do on Instagram, but what I do, is worthy of being seen by those who choose to follow me.

Freedom of speech is about just that - freedom. It is the freedom not to have my posts controlled and silenced by a dictator unless I pay. Freedom is about honest communication and connection with those who exercise their freedom to follow me, yet you control that too, with an algorithm.

Instagram, you influence one-seventh of the world's entire population every day. Why don't you want them to be positive change-makers?

Your algorithm works against the little people who are changing the world, like the label I'm wearing. They support Aboriginal women in Australia and they revive indigenous culture, art and connections, becuase they care. There are hundreds of thousands of people who advocate for social change, gender equality, and environmental protection. Why do you limit their content visibility?

You control the conversations that one billion people see. Why do you limit positive content that can change the world?

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses are struggling to have their voices heard and their solutions to global problems seen. You can change that Instagram. Why don't you?

Your algorithm is getting up my goat, Instagram. I don't want you to fill my feed with what you think I want to see. I'm sick of seeing beauty hacks with spoons because I watched that video that one time.

I want to see the people I follow in my feed because that's why I chose to support them. I also want the people who follow me, to see my posts in their feeds because that's what we all signed up for when we joined Instagram, isn't it?

I don't have a budget for radio or tv advertising, because I'm not selling tonnes of shit for a profit. I'm a social enterprise that exists to create change. I tell people to buy less but buy better, and that means I'm doing something right, but I don't make much money, Instagram.

I don't have minions on slave labour wages in India on China magically spreading my news across the internet either. I have the social media tools that most small businesses have, and I want to be able to use them to change the world.

Instagram, you change, nearly every week. If it's not your algorithm, it's your layout, your functions, or your new ways to charge me. You now charge me if I want my posts to be seen even by those who chose to follow me. When you sold yourself to Facebook, things got complicated. You changed from a community for conversations to just another money-hungry advertiser.

While you've been busy trying to find new ways to charge the people who use you, we've all been busy trying to find new ways to positively change the world. A little help would be nice, Instagram.

I don't care about how many likes and comments I get; I care about people just seeing my posts, and I know that's not happening because they're telling me. We talk, Instagram.

It's 2019, and things have changed. People use social media to digest the news. Sometimes people find out about a death from social media before they've found out from their friends and family; I have. I learnt about the Notre Dame burning down, the viral #blueforsudan wave of support, and the passing of Karl Lagerfeld from you, Instagram.

The reality is, you're a news channel now, but you're controlling what people see. Unless we pay you, you won't share our posts to the people who chose to follow us, and that gets up my goat.

What's that about, Instagram?

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate an open letter to Instagram

The Fashion Advocate an open letter to Instagram

The Fashion Advocate an open letter to Instagram

The Fashion Advocate an open letter to Instagram


Julie Milton
Julie Milton

What can I say I see the way things on Facebook have changed I do not get a lot of the things I follow its intermittent, will they do something about it only if we leave and I can’t see that the world is ready to say no ❤️

Chris Goldsworthy
Chris Goldsworthy

Ahh you make me so proud you headstrong rebel with a great cause !!!
Love your work !!!

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