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April is Fashion Revolution Month but The Fashion Advocate pushes for ethics all year round

Every year throughout April, global shoppers take to social media and turn their clothes inside out, posting photos of garment labels to demand an answer to the question, 'Who made my clothes?'.

It may seem like a simple question, but most brands can't answer it. It's 2019, and there's no such thing as a 'simple fast fashion supply chain'. What starts as a seedling in one country, can be grown in another, processed in another, woven into fabric in another, dyed in another, and then finally cut and sewn in another. It's not uncommon, and unfortunately, too many brands don't know the depths of their supply chains, or the conditions in which their manufacturing takes place. 

This level of transparency in the fashion industry, or lack thereof, is what the Fashion Revolution campaign is all about. The #whomademyclothes movement runs from April 23-29 each year to combat these deep-seated issues in the fast fashion industry, and through awareness, conversations and events, slow fashion advocates and positive change makers all over the world work together to shape the industry. 

Falling on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1138 people in 2013, Fashion Revolution Week stands as a reminder of the past, in an attempt to set a standard for the future. Brands are encouraged to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain, and it’s something we’re more than happy to do at The Fashion Advocate.

The information surrounding ethical fashion can be overwhelming and convoluted, which is why we publish simple blog posts for Fashion Revolution every year. We unpack the supply chains of the Australian designers and labels we support at The Fashion Advocate, and we promote people who are actively working towards positive change. We don't just run our posts for a week though; we make the most of the whole month of April to share the inspiring stories of our designers because we're proud to know them and we're proud of their commitment to ethical and sustainable production. 

Throughout the month, we'll be sharing the stories behind our labels, answering questions about their manufacturing and their personal ethics, to help drive change and push for improvement in the fashion industry.

As a community, we take responsibility for the impact that our industry has on our people and our planet, and our designers are at the forefront of the Fashion Revolution. They're passionate about what they do, and they care about the health, wellness and livelihood of the people involved in their supply chains. 

Our designers ensure their workers are paid fair wages, offered safe working conditions and ensured workers’ rights throughout the entire design, sourcing and manufacturing chain, and we are incredibly proud of the values that our community of changemakers share. 

Stay tuned and pop back every day during April for a behind-the-scenes look into the studios of our designers.

The Fashion Advocate x

Fashion Revolution Month Fashion Rev Week The Fashion Advocate ethical and sustainable womens fashion online

Fashion Revolution Month Fashion Rev Week The Fashion Advocate ethical and sustainable womens fashion online

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