Kiss Ready chia seed oil Australian made beauty products

This tiny seed is the secret ingredient in Kiss Ready's simple, uncomplicated and natural skincare range

The hashtag #chiaseeds has had more than 1.4 million mentions on Instagram, and it's no wonder why; chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The Aztecs and Mayans were the first to discover their nutritional benefits, and now, chia seeds are recognised as a superfood and a powerful beauty product ingredient. 

Kiss Ready has been ahead of the trend for years, utilising chia seeds in their natural beauty range. Chia seeds are naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and their cold-pressed oil hydrates and protects the skin. Chia seed oil is Kiss Ready's secret weapon ingredient, and it helps to improve skin resiliency against dryness and dehydration.

Kiss Ready's founder, Louella Docot, is a self-proclaimed 'chia expert' and a recent Finalist in the 2018 AusMumpreneur Awards in the Hair and Beauty Business Excellence category too. She's the best person to ask about the benefits of chia seed oil, and there's a long list of reasons why Louella has chosen to use this powerful ingredient in her natural and sustainable skincare range.

Inspired by her experiences working for Australian growers of chia seeds, Louella was so impressed with the nutritional, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of chia seed oil, that she started formulating chia enriched natural skincare in 2014. Since launching Kiss Ready, Louella has been lovingly handmaking simple, uncomplicated and effective natural skincare in small batches, delivering skincare products which are not just good for the skin, but good for the planet too. 

We love Louella's thoughful approach to beauty and her passion for natural products, which is why we partnered with Kiss Ready to pop eco-friendly goodies in our VIP bags at The Fashion Advocate's 2019 IDENTITY runway. 

Louella stepped away from her busy beauty schedule to share her journey into natural beauty and delve into all things chia with us... 

You have extensive experience working with the star ingredient of your products – chia seeds. How did it all start?
I was previously working for the Australian growers of chia seeds before I started making my own natural products enriched with chia oil. During my time working there, a leading Korean medical school has just completed and published their clinical study on the topical efficacy of chia seed oil. The oil was used on patients with pruritus, who were showing symptoms of severe skin sensitivities, dryness and itchiness. After only eight weeks of use, they observed that the skin was more moisturised and hydrated, and they found that the chia oil provided a protective barrier to the skin, minimising symptoms and helping to improve its appearance and overall health. It was this study which really inspired me to learn more about the nutritional benefits of premium quality chia oil and how it can be optimised as a natural ingredient in skincare formulation.

You formulate and craft Kiss Ready products by hand. Can you share more about the process from sourcing your ingredients to a final packaged product?
Formulating skincare is a science and an art. Personally, I think of it as more than just formulation. It is also a craft and it flourishes when a maker is creating from the heart. By choosing to create small-batch and by hand, there is honesty, transparency and provenance in the process. It then becomes a true expression of the maker’s accumulated knowledge and experience of working with safe and effective ingredients, proven methodologies and also one's personal values. From formulating to choosing environment-friendly packaging, I can guarantee the quality of my products because I make them myself.

Why is it important to you to use local and food-grade ingredients?
I've always believed in doing my bit for the environment. When I became a mum, it became even more important to be mindful of what we consume and use. Using local means less mileage and a smaller carbon footprint too. It also means being part of our local community of growers and artisans. Where I can, I source food-grade ingredients; for quality, freshness and also to help champion agricultural by-products.

Do you use plastic-free packaging?
We prioritise plastic-free and mindful practices in our packaging to help minimise and eliminate waste. One of our customers requested zero-waste lip balms, so we have started the process of transitioning to plastic-free aluminium tins last year. Our products also come in recycled and recyclable glass. Our products are naked, which means no additional packaging to 'pretty it up' or bulk it up unnecessarily. Our customers appreciate that uncomplicated and nourishing skincare can be eco-conscious too.

Why is it important for people to question and have an understanding of what they are putting on their skin?
We often take it for granted, but the skin is the largest organ of the human body and also one of the most important. It’s not just aesthetics; our skin is crucial to our survival. It protects us from external aggressors and keeps our internal systems in order, so it's important to nourish it well.

Support ethical and sustainable beauty and shop the Kiss Ready range at and if you missed out on tickets and a VIP bag at this year's IDENTITY runway, get in early next year! 

The Fashion Advocate x

Kiss Ready chia seed oil Australian made beauty products

Kiss Ready chia seed oil Australian made beauty products

Kiss Ready chia seed oil Australian made beauty products

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