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Circular fashion saves waste, water and CO2 emissions

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If understanding ethical and sustainable fashion wasn't already enough, we've just added circularity into the mix, and if you're new to circular fashion, it can be confusing.

But I don't want shopping to be stressful for you; I want it to be easy. I want buying good clothes to make you feel good because let's face it, fashion should make you feel good. And like Anne Marie says, "If you're gonna do, do it right!" 🎶

So, every time you shop at The Fashion Advocate and add your goodies to your AirRobe circular wardrobe (which is super easy with one click at the checkout), you'll do more than look good. You'll also...

☁️ Save 19kg of CO2 emissions, helping to create a cleaner and greener future for us all.

💧 Save 95 litres of water from being used, which has a massive flow-on effect of keeping our waterways and oceans free from fashion-industry chemicals too.

🗑 Save 2kg of textile waste from landfill, saving precious resources and looking after Mother Nature.

🌳 Plant one tree! Yup, with every order we take online, we pay it forward and donate to One Tree Planted so that we can plant a tree and work towards global reforestation.

♻️ Save on plastic production for packaging because we have a 'no plastic' policy at The Fashion Advocate! We don't use plastic wrapping, packaging or shipping materials, and we don't sell polyester either. Polyester is plastic and it's on our no-no list, so you won't accidentally buy anything unsustainable at The Fashion Advocate because we don't stock it!

🌏 Support Australian and New Zealand owned businesses. All of our brands are proudly 100% Australian and New Zealand owned, and 90% of them make their ranges locally too.

You really will 'look good and do good' when you shop online at The Fashion Advocate.

Claire x

WHAT IS circular fashion The Fashion Advocate ethical fashion Australia womens online

1 comment

akshat agrawal
akshat agrawal

sustainablity is the new fashion

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