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Dangerous levels of BPA have been found in sports bras from leading activewear brands. It's not the first-time fashion has been caught out dealing in toxic chemicals, but this time, there's a tight 60-day timeline for change.

The Centre for Environmental Health has issued legal notices to a handful of brands that have recorded BPA levels up to 22 times the safe limit in their clothing.

What’s so bad about BPA? It’s a toxic chemical, a really nasty one. It’s used to make plastic and it wreaks havoc on the endocrine system. It’s been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and reproductive issues.

Brands like Athleta, Asics and Nike are among the culprits, but there are thousands of brands that haven’t been tested.

So how do you avoid BPA in your sports bra and activewear?

Do your research.
Opt for organic.
Buy natural fibers.
Shop sustainably.

You can do all that at The Fashion Advocate. We prioritise people and the planet over profits because we think about the long-term health and sustainability impacts of what we sell.

Claire x

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