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A colourful fusion of the two hemispheres occurred when UK-born designer Rhianne, and Australian lawyer Cheryl, came together in a serendipitous meeting at a Melbourne rooftop bar. Both dreaming of sharing their love of design with the world, this unlikely partnership came to fruition through DEVOI; a label devoted to bold patterns and feminine design.

Inspired by the diverse worlds in which they grew up, DEVOI’s founders are passionate advocates of playful prints and ethical fashion, and their unique aesthetic is now widely known.

“The DEVOI mission is to create garments that are loved and cherished – not fast fashion. We care about how the fashion industry affects the environment, so we work closely with our suppliers through every stage of production. Our GOTS approved fabric mill even uses dyes and digital printing inks that are free from hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, pesticides and other metals. We love having our garments made at home too. There’s a lot more control as it’s more hands on and decisions can be made quickly. It’s great to be able to meet everyone in the production process and support other Australian businesses.”

This attention to detail and understanding of the bigger picture is apparent in each DEVOI print too. Cheryl’s childhood experiences growing up in regional Australia are a source of inspiration, and each DEVOI print has its own uniquely story to tell.

“I grew up in a small country town so I had limited access to what was happening in the fashion world, but my mum was always the best dressed in town and would get compliments on whatever she wore. She loved bright colours and wore them proudly; she taught me not to be afraid to stand out from the crowd. That is something I have stayed true to, not only in my personal style, but also through DEVOI.”

Rhianne’s relationship with fashion stems from a tangible origin; after a childhood of crafting and creating, she studied Fashion and Textiles at the University of Manchester. Yet despite their contrasting experiences of the industry, DEVOI’s founders use their differences to form their unique and finely tuned design process.

“Initially, we work independently. I dream of colours and patterns and then paint them to create a lookbook. Rhianne, on the other hand, brainstorms various silhouettes, then we come together and gradually piece together our collection.”

DEVOI’s current collections ‘Nourish’ and ‘Indulge’ were designed and made in Melbourne, a great source of pride to the founders who, despite the struggles of starting their own label, still find pleasure in their smallest successes.

“Our highlights include a lot of firsts for us. The DEVOI launch and the first time DEVOI was featured in a magazine were both very exciting milestones. However, we get the biggest thrill when we see a customer come out of the change room in DEVOI looking and feeling amazing. We give each other a secret high-five, knowing DEVOI is achieving its mission.”

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