Download my free Guide to Sustainable Living and help reduce single-use plastics The Fashion Advocate reduce, reuse, how to recycle

Download my free Guide to Sustainable Living and help reduce single-use plastics

Every year we produce 380 million tonnes of plastic. More than 50% of it is made for single-use only. Micro-plastic particles have been found in the arctic, on the summit of Mount Everest, and at the bottom of the deepest seas.

All the plastic we've ever made still exists on earth today. It doesn't decompose. It doesn't biodegrade. It just breaks down into tiny micro-plastic particles and ends up in our waterways, our oceans, and our environment. This isn't just my opinion either, this is science, and science is telling us that single-use plastics are a problem.

So what's the solution? Your choices. It sounds simple because it is simple.

If you have an option to choose reusable over single use, opt for reusable. If you have an option to choose plastic free over plastic, choose plastic free. If you can have the options to buy refillable products or package free products, choose those sustainable options. Every little sustainable choice you make today has a powerful and positive impact on tomorrow.

But, sustainable living isn't easy, let's face it. There's a lot to think about, there's a lot of information, and there's a lot going on. We don't always have time to make sustainable choices. We don't always have time to research every detail of every product we buy. Life is busy. 

I've spent the last ten years trying to live more sustainably, and it's been a long journey, so I get it. Sustainable living isn't easy, but it is worth it. Bit by bit, I’ve changed the way I live and every day, I do a little bit more than yesterday. I try to live with less, I buy better, and I’m a sustainable work in progress.

That's what my Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living is all about. I want to make it easy for you to live more sustainably. I want you to feel inspired to reduce, reuse, recycle, rent and research, so this guide is a starting point. It’s a little step towards a more sustainable future, and the best part about my guide is - it's free!

Living sustainably isn’t about being perfect. It’s about taking small steps every day and making a conscious effort. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and remembering that the actions we take today, have an impact on tomorrow.

Get your free copy of my Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living delivered straight to your inbox and save the world with me. It's easier than you think!



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