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The Frank Green SmartCup is a lifestyle product of many firsts. It won the 2015 Good Design Award and the 2015 Premier’s Design Awards, it’s 100 per cent designed, engineered and made in Australia, and it’s manufactured entirely from BPA-free, non-toxic recyclable materials. Frank Green also donates a portion of their profits to Earthwatch; if you’ve been trying to find a way to feel better about those five coffees a day, this is it.

The range of innovative Frank Green products are a solution to a growing environmental epidemic: 38% of landfill is made up of single-use coffee cups and plastic water bottles, some of which can take over 1000 years to degrade. Bottled water also costs 4,000 times more than tap water, charging Australians half a billion dollars every year. The manufacturing process is just as unsavory; the non-renewable petrochemicals used to make disposable bottles create a hazardous landfill time-bomb.

And if the long eco-friendly checklist Frank Green can boast about doesn’t appeal to you, then its CaféPay capabilities will. Each Frank Green SmartCup is fitted with a CaféPay chip, allowing you to grab a coffee on the go. CaféPay reads your specific Frank Green SmartCup to take your order, make secure cashless payments, store value on your cup and reward your loyalty with free coffees and special offers at participating outlets. Conscious coffees have never been easier.

Whether you’re a piccolo fan, a double-shot flat white lover or a coconut milk caramel latte kind of coffee drinker, the Frank Green SmartCup range suits – available in 8oz and 12oz in every colour combination you could think of. And for those who know what’s good for them, the Frank Green SmartBottle is available with or without a built in water filter.

Shop the range at and use FRANKSFRIEND at the checkout for 10% off until the 23rd September 2016.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Frank Green

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Frank Green coffee

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