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Free-flowing champagne, lavish tapas, extravagant details and great conversations all come to mind when thinking of an event, but the planning process conjures far less glamourous thoughts. Event planning and the stresses that go with it are highly underestimated; attendance numbers, dietary requirements, space allocations, seating plans, music, theming, timing… It’s a never-ending list. There are no secrets or shortcuts when you’re managing your own event either, but there is a solution to handle the workload – hiring an agency such as IGBY Productions.

Founded by Robyn Billingham, IGBY Productions is a Geelong based agency offering boutique event planning, design, styling, coordination and hire, across a range of events including weddings, private parties, charity events, corporate functions, fashion runways and gala dinners. As a child, Robyn was constantly surrounded by colour, art, and inspirational people, and she was already making her own clothing at the age of nine. Her love of organising, styling, and arranging has remained throughout her careers as a restaurant owner, a home décor and floral decorator, and now, IGBY Productions Founder.

There wasn’t a ‘pivotal moment’ that led to the launch of her business, but after owning other businesses and working in styling for years, Robyn was ready to leap into her own pursuits, and in 2007, IGBY Productions was born. It’s now a business that involves blood, sweat, and tears, but Robyn’s passion for creativity makes it all worthwhile.

“I love being creative; playing with fabrics, colours, textures, flowers, and paint. I love pushing the boundaries and pushing myself to step out of the comfort zone. I love the chaos, the pressure and the reward of seeing the finished product and the look of amazement on people’s faces when they first walk into a space we have styled. I love working with other creatives and bouncing off their energy too.”

Making sure she stays inspired is important to Robyn. Seeing the ‘creative light’ through mountains of paperwork, client meetings, plans and nitty gritty details, is often a hard task, but it’s all part and parcel of Robyn’s daily grind as a business owner.

“I spend a lot of time fuelling my creativity by getting inspiration wherever I can; trawling through fashion and lifestyle blogs, magazines, Pinterest, shop windows, art galleries, expos, films, and travel. Each week we try and bring a concept to life at IGBY HQ by styling a table and photographing it, giving us content for social media as well as photos to use in mood boards for clients in future.”

It may sound like a lot of fun and games, pretty pictures and product styling, but 90 percent of event management (and a successful event at that) is in the planning, so Robyn spends a lot of her time sourcing, collating and preparing for her events, and obviously, executing them.

“The day of the event is often an early start, in rain, hail or hot sunshine – you’ve got to love Victorian weather! There’s a lot of heavy lifting, going up and down ladders, and plenty of cuts and bruises mixed in with late nights – my favourite kind of weekend! Labour aside though, events are another platform for fashion and design to be showcased; whether it’s an event celebrating a particular theme or style, or a simple party, events follow and create trends that are inspired by the same things as the fashion and lifestyle industry, and at the end of the day, they’re fun.”

If you’re thinking about biting off more than you can chew by planning your own event, leave it in the hands of professionals and contact IGBY Productions. Your stress levels will thank you for it.

The Fashion Advocate x

Free-flowing champagne and lavish tapas are all in a days work for Robyn Billingham, The Fashion Advocate

Free-flowing champagne and lavish tapas are all in a days work for Robyn Billingham, The Fashion Advocate

Free-flowing champagne and lavish tapas are all in a days work for Robyn Billingham, The Fashion Advocate

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