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It’s no secret that most women use multiple beauty products, but our habits are scary. We own up to 40 different products at any given time, throw away up to 87% of partially-used makeup, and spend over $15,000 on our skincare regime over the course of our lives. Besides the wasted time, energy and money spent on buying these products, it’s also worthwhile considering the impacts of the makeup cycle.

Manufacturing and testing is a chemical-filled and environmentally-hazardous process, and when half-used products end up landfill, the soil is poisoned with harmful substances like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens and petrolatum. I’m not pointing the finger; I’ve been guilty of buying, half-using and dumping makeup throughout my life, it’s unfortunately what women are conditioned to do. But the more I educate myself on animal cruelty and the negative effects of ‘miracle creams’ on the skin, the more I am compelled to ditch my old makeup habits and embrace the alternative.

Taking care of yourself and nurturing the environment is essential to living a balanced life, and being honest with yourself about your beauty regime and the products you use, is a good starting point. Don’t be daunted by the change; start small, reach for that beauty bag and switch to AURA Makeup, a Sunshine Coast-based brand who offer superior alternatives to chemical formulations by using high-quality mineral and plant based ingredients.

At the core of AURA’s animal cruelty-free and vegan philosophies stem a desire to deliver a new wave of products where beauty and conscience collide, creating artist-grade formulas without harsh chemicals. In an industry that is notorious for its negative environmental impacts, AURA stands for change, refusing to engage in any animal testing or use by-products within the range, making it 100% vegan. If you’re unaware of the savage treatment that animals go through as test subjects in the name of human beauty and skincare, it’s worthwhile researching. Education is the first essential step towards becoming a conscious consumer, and the second is to switch your brands; animal cruelty-free brands offer ethical products which are better for you. It’s a fact.

AURA’s plant-based and mineral ingredients include multi-beneficial properties to help heal and soothe the skin, are water resistant, anti-irritant and hydrating, and Australian-based manufacturing ensures AURA’s quality-controlled products meet Australian safety and health standards. By sourcing the highest quality pure mineral and plant ingredients including Certified Organic Shea Butter, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Certified Organic Rosemary and other anti-oxidant rich ingredients, AURA Makeup products are lightweight and breathable to nourish all skin types.

If you’ve been due to clean up that cluttered makeup bag or beauty drawer and replace your mismatched products with a streamlined range of quality, ethical and vegan makeup essentials, now is the time.

Shop the range at and use AURATFA at the checkout for 15% off. 

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, AURA vegan makeup

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, AURA vegan makeup

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, AURA vegan makeup


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