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I’m passionate about living my most sustainable life, and I want to inspire you to do the same which is why I chose not to use elastic around the ears on our face masks. Elastic would have been a much cheaper option than our organic cotton ear loops, but it’s unsustainable, irritating, and when it’s washed, it releases micro-plastic fibres into our waterways.

I hear you, ‘Who cares? It’s just one mask. A little elastic won’t hurt.’

News flash, it will, and if every one of the nearly eight billion people in the world bought just one face mask made with an average of 30cm elastic, that’s 2.4 million kilometres of elastic - enough elastic to wrap around the earth sixty times.

The problem with elastic is that it is made with polyester, and the problem with polyester is that it is plastic. All the polyester and all the plastic we’ve ever made still exists on earth today. It never goes away, it never biodegrades, it never disappears; it just breaks up into tiny micro-plastic fibres that end up in our waterways, our food chain, and in our bodies.

Polyester is derived from petroleum and made with non-renewable resources, and it’s treated with a chemical concoction of toxins during the production process. Studies have shown that up to 4500 micro-plastic fibres are released per gram of polyester with every single wash.

Knowing all of this, when it came time to designing our face masks, elastic was never a consideration, nor was making them with polyester fabrics. Besides already being committed to phasing out all polyester from our online store offering, elastic wasn’t something I wanted to work with myself, let alone send to my customers.

It means our masks take a few seconds to fit, but once they’re fitted properly, they’re good to go. They take a little longer to make too, but we make them knowing that we’re making a positive impact. We’re putting people and the planet first, and that’s important to me. We’re not selling cheap last-a-few-months masks; we’re selling ethically made, sustainably designed, investment pieces that add to your wardrobe, because face masks are here to stay.

Our face masks are Australian designed, Australian made, ethical, sustainable, they’re made with eco-friendly fabrics and they’re vegan-friendly too. They’re plastic-free, elastic-free, synthetic-free, washable, reusable, biodegradable and made entirely with natural materials.

Our second release masks are tailored with darts to offer a comfortable, no-gape and full-face fit for ultimate protection. They’re finished with adjustable organic cotton ear loops and small natural timber bead toggles, and they’re a great alternative to polyester and synthetic masks to filter the air from dust, pollen, pollution, and general to day to day outdoor activities.

Making a few cents more in the short term by choosing cheaper options might work for some companies, but it doesn’t work for me. I’m dedicated to positive social and environmental change, and I prioritise people and the planet over profits.

Sometimes that means sacrificing, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

Claire x

Ethical sustainable Australian made face masks organic cotton

Ethical sustainable Australian made face masks organic cotton

Ethical sustainable Australian made face masks organic cotton



  • Thank you so much for the video! I’ll try doing this!

    Gata Collins

  • I love how you make a face mask become a fashionable item!
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