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International MAKE SMTHNG Week

Fashion Revolution and Greenpeace have teamed up to promote a movement of makers and challenge consumerism with International MAKE SMTHNG Week from December 2nd to 10th. Following on from the hyper-consumption that occurs over the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, MAKE SMTHNG Week promotes the act of creating instead of consuming.

According to Fashion Revolution, we already produce over 100 billion garments of clothing each year, and 40 percent of them remain unworn, discarded and unloved. Instead of being another statistic in the growing fast fashion problem, it’s time to mend, share, swap, transform, repair and create.

If you read my previous post on the global textile waste problem, you’ll understand why MAKE SMTHNG Week is important to me. It’s rare that I buy new clothes these days, but when I do, I buy quality, ethically made clothes, and always from local labels. I don’t need anything at all in my wardrobe, but there are still things I’d love. Resisting the urge to buy every single thing I want isn’t easy, but it does force me to properly enjoy, wear and look after what I already own. There are times when I desperately want something new, but instead of buying an outfit that I'll only wear once (because for some reason it's unacceptable for females to wear the same dress to two weddings), I’ve become quite creative with piecing together an outfit that no one’s seen before. All it takes is a little patience and a date with my Janome sewing machine, and depending on the nature of the outfit, sometimes a few wines and many deep breaths. 

If you're not into altering or sewing, use MAKE SMTHNG Week to get creative for Christmas gifts. Instead of shopping and buying mindless throwaway stuff, get personal with your gift giving this year; frame some pictures, try your hand at painting, scrapbook some memories, or start baking. Do as MAKE SMTHNG Week suggests and, ‘make the most of what you already own by sharing, caring for and repairing your goods.’

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The Fashion Advocate Make SMTHNG week sustainable shopping online Australian fashion blogger

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