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Introducing Allure Collections

Rebeccah Statham in the designer and founding creator of Allure Collections, a brand based on timeless designs for the ultimate ‘Modern Woman’. Allure Collections features a timeless monochromatic palette, luxurious designs, stunningly simple cuts and beautiful fabrics, designed to flatter and enhance the female form.

Allure Collections has been heavily influenced by Rebeccah’s worldly travels and influenced by cultures from around the globe. Rebeccah was born in New Zeland but moved to Spain at just 12 years old. It was here that she first experienced the sophistication and refinement of European culture. Next came Dubai, with a fast-paced, lavish culture to complement it’s beauty. When her family moved to Africa, Rebeccah took the step to move to Australia and begin a journey of her own. It was here that Rebeccah realised her underlying passion was in empowering women to feel beautiful and to live their dreams fully. Rebeccah’s love for fashion and luxury, her appreciation of timeless styles and her drive to make a difference lead to the creation of Allure Collections.

TFA: Allure Collections is feminine yet fierce, with a focus on beautiful lines and luxurious materials. If you had to describe the ‘Allure Woman’, who would she be? 

Rebeccah: The Allure Woman is confident, sexy and strong. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid of going out and getting it. She’s beautiful, kind and inspires those who surround her. She has an appreciation for simplicity and luxury, and she styles herself with confidence and allure. 

TFA: You began studying Social Science before discovering your true calling in fashion, how did such a drastic change in a career path come about? 

Rebeccah: A semester into my course I knew my passion wasn’t in Social Science. I have always wanted to make a difference, but how, I wasn’t too sure. Dresses inspire me and making women feel beautiful, strong and confident is something that excites me a lot! 

TFA: You showcased at RAW Brisbane – how did it feel to have your designs displayed on the catwalk? 

Rebeccah: Ahhhhmazing! Seeing the girls walk down the runway looking so fierce and incredible was such a rewarding and inspiring moment for me. When the women look fierce and strong, I know I’m doing my job right! 

TFA: One of your latest Instagram posts includes the hashtag #cantbelieveimwearingpink. Does the monochrome palette of Allure Collections reflect your own wardrobe? Will colour ever be injected into the line? 

Rebeccah: Haha, I absolutely love this question! I don’t wear too much colour, it really just depends on the day and event! I love to wear black and white as it’s simple and easy! For me my style is timeless and effortless and I think Allure Collections is definitely a reflection of my own wardrobe (hence my shock of wearing bright pink haha). With regards to injecting colour into AC you will have to wait and see!

TFA: You have travelled all over the world. If you had to pick one city as the most fashionable, which would it be?  

Rebeccah: Dubai without a doubt! I was lucky enough to network and work a lot in the modelling industry while living there and I was constantly surrounded by beautiful people at incredible events! I have always been inspired by luxury and Dubai really enabled me to immerse myself in that culture while reflecting a modest touch of elegance evident in my designs. 

TFA: Now that you have Allure Collections to keep you occupied, will Australia be home forever, or do you have visions of international expansion? 

Rebeccah: I really love Australia. After living all over the world for the past 6 years I can definitely see myself based here for the next 5 years at least! I have global plans to expand overseas starting with Dubai and the UK.  

TFA: When you aren’t wearing one of your beautiful deigns for a party, date or just to feel like a domestic goddess while doing your vacuuming, what pieces do you tend to wear? Describe your ‘everyday’ outfit. 

Rebeccah: Haha, as much as I would love to say something incredible my everyday outfit is either some denim cut off shorts with a black or white top, body-con knee length skirt paired with a fitted top or a floral maxi! 

TFA: What and who are your sources of inspiration?  

Rebeccah: People I meet in my life inspire me so much, their stories and background especially. I love meeting new people and inspiring them to not only follow their dreams but to look amazing in doing so. I’m also very inspired by backless designs, lace and curve enhancing styles! 

TFA: If you could collaborate with any designer or artist, who would it be? 

Rebeccah: Anothony Vaccarello. I’m inspired by every one of his collections. His strong vision and story inspires me and ultimately my collections!

TFA: Where do you see your work taking you in the next five years – what are your big plans?

Rebeccah: I know anything in the world is possible so when I think big, I think big! I want to grow the Allure Collections vision globally. Not only creating a world-renowned brand but initiating charities and causes that support the empowerment of women. I want women to take stronger actions into following their dreams and living the extraordinary life that they deserve.

Brought together to form a unique story of the strong, daring and beautiful, Allure Collections is the perfect destination for the Modern Woman. To purchase a piece (or the entire amazing range!) from Allure Collections as well as other emerging Australian brands, head to the online shop at Emerge Australia.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, Melbourne fashion blogger

The Fashion Advocate Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, Melbourne fashion blogger

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