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April, Aaron and Declan are passionate about sustainability. Driven by their combined entrepreneurial spirit and desire to combat fast fashion, the team's business launch couldn’t come at a better time. As we create and waste fashion and textiles at unfathomable rates, April, Aaron and Declan are determined to slow the industry down and increase the popularity of re-using with their innovative start-up, LendMyTrend.

The online business is as its name suggests – a peer to peer rental platform for fashion that exists to create a positive social and personal impact, and to create a more sustainable fashion industry. The idea behind LendMyTrend stems not only from sustainability, but also affordability, and when trends are changing faster than we can keep up with them, wearing the latest labels and newest styles isn’t always the most affordable option. And April would know; the average Australian woman buys 27 kilograms of new clothing every year, which, besides the environmental issues, is a costly habit too.

“I hope to help the lenders on our website make extra cash with their existing wardrobes, as well as give renters access to designer labels that they usually wouldn’t be able to afford. It connects everyday people and allows them to become renters and lenders. It’s simple; individuals can list their items in a secure, easy and incredibly affordable manner to be rented by people in their own private group or Australia in general. This lets them make money off their wardrobe and earn some side cash. On the other hand, we give individuals the opportunity to rent from those around them securely and easily, and this is much cheaper than buying something brand new."

LendMyTrend’s business principles are actively addressing the global fast fashion problem, and instead of encouraging overbuying for the sake of trends, LendMyTrend advocates for re-using with a simple hiring process. With peer to peer lending, the lifecycle of each garment is significantly extended, and instead of ten people buying ten of the same dress, the one dress can be rented and worn ten times.

It’s a smart business model but also a demanding one, and logistics is only one of the many tasks on April’s daily to-do list.

“I’m responsible for the day to day operations and organisation of the business, as well as all things marketing, which includes managing social media, looking after influencers and organising print media. Alongside Aaron and Declan, the other two Founders, no week is ever the same for us! There’s digital newsletters, monitoring and maintaining the website, organising payments, editing listings, preparation for shoots, and the rest. Because we’re a start-up, we try to keep as much as we can in-house.”

The overall direction and aesthetic is something April plays a part in too because curation is critical when it comes to online shopping and renting. While LendMyTrend is open to all ages, genders and demographics, the website naturally caters to young females, given their inclination toward online fashion and their early-adopting attitude.

Make an environmentally friendly statement with your next outfit and head to LendMyTrend to rent from a range of womenswear, menswear, bags, shoes, clothing and accessories.

The Fashion Advocate x

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  • Hi Leeann! Thanks for your comment. If you could please email through our contact page, I’d be more than happy to chat in detail about your query. Thanks! Claire x

    The Fashion Advocate

  • Hi Guys,
    We’re looking to source sustainable fashion in our family run shop. We’re opposite the beach and want to know how and who is making our range so that we can be sure they are receiving a living wage etc. Do you have a list of suppliers for wholesale accounts please?

    Thanks! and Happy Christmas.

    Keep up the great work – its inspirational!


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