Make it through winter with a Mod Cold Press Juicer, The Fashion Advocate shop local

Make it through winter with a Mod Cold Press Juicer

Australia is often depicted as a beachy oasis with an abundance of bright yellow bananas and hot, sunny, tan-worthy weather year-round. Melbournians know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lately, I’ve become great friends with my heater, and I’ve spent a lot of time lying on my apartment floor hugging it, wrapped up like a burrito in a blanket, scrolling through my Instagram feed envying the northern hemisphere. Even leaving my apartment to get a coffee has been a struggle of late, and the weather has affected my diet too.

In winter, I get lazy and resort to easy eating options, which tend to exclude most fruit and vegetables. It’s a downward spiral; it’s cold, I don’t feed my body good food, so I get sick, and I stay indoors… Next minute, spring is calling, and when I emerge, it’s not so pretty.

This winter will be a first of firsts though, and I’m excited to make it through unscathed by the dreaded annual flu, because I’m now the proud owner of a Mod Cold Press Juicer. I hear you, ‘Winter calls for pies, not juice’ and yes, you’re right, but regardless of the season, life should be about balance. After just two weeks juicing my way through four-degree Melbourne mornings, I’m already hooked, and I’m not craving my usual sumo-style winter menu.

Juicing is the fastest and most efficient way to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, and a simple way to feed your body what it needs to survive winter. Considering I’m the type of person to avoid doing dishes until there are no cups left, it’s also surprisingly easily to use and wash. I’ve never really been mathematically-minded, but trust me, this thing clicks together in seconds, and there’s even cute little red dots to illustrate which part goes where. Getting your daily ‘two and five’ couldn’t be any easier.

Switching to cold-pressed juice is a lifestyle change, not just a trend, and it’s a holistic approach to health. Katharine McCarthy feels the same, and so she should – as the Founder and Director of Australian owned and run company, Mod Cold Press, she’s a woman after my own heart.

After struggling with her first child’s distaste for fruit and vegetables, Katharine discovered cold-press juicing as a complementary way to nourish her children. She didn’t hesitate launching her own business, and in 2015, the Mod Cold Press Juicer was born. Now, her chic compact machines are the essential kitchen appliance in houses Australia wide, and it’s because Mod’s unique technology packs a punch. The Mod Juicer uses a slow cold-pressed, non-heat extraction process to keep nutrients in their original form, leaving only the most nutritionally intact juice and more of it too.

If you’re like me and easily get bored of repetition, juicing will only excite you, as combinations are limited only by your taste preference. My personal favourite mix is a blend of beetroot, celery, kale, carrot and ginger, and it’s the perfect winter pick-me-up to get going in the morning.

Make it through winter with your own Mod Cold Press Juicer or learn more about the benefits of cold-pressing your fruits and vegetables at Use FASHAV at the checkout for $25 off too!

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Mod Cold Press Juicer health and wellness Melbourne

Make it through winter with a Mod Cold Press Juicer, The Fashion Advocate shop local

Make it through winter with a Mod Cold Press Juicer, The Fashion Advocate shop local

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