This is what the Fashion Revolution means to Australian label, Tatyana Design

This is what the Fashion Revolution means to Australian label, Tatyana Design

Transparency in the fashion industry, or lack thereof, is what the Fashion Revolution campaign is all about. The #whomademyclothes movement runs from April 23-29 each year to combat human rights issues in the fast fashion industry, and through awareness, conversations and events, slow fashion advocates and positive change makers all around the world work together to better the industry. 

As a community at The Fashion Advocate, we take responsibility for the impact that we have on our people and our planet, and our designers are at the forefront of the Fashion Revolution. We are proud of our values and ethics, and we’re more than happy to strip back the bright lights and the glitz and glam of it all, to get real at The Fashion Advocate. Through honesty and integrity, we can change the industry for the better and use fashion as a force for good, and our community of designers work towards this shared goal every day. 

Tatyana Anderson shares our values and views, and she's the creative mind behind Tatyana Design. She is passionate about ethics, she cares about sustainability, and she's a responsible slow fashion advocate...

Why are you passionate about ethical fashion?
As an immigrant to Australia, I am grateful for the opportunity to live out my dream as a designer and I believe that this opportunity must be available to all Australians. Local employment and fair payment for work are integral to ethics in any field or endeavour.

Why are you passionate about sustainability in the fashion industry?
Without sustainability, we cannot continue. I believe that we can and must embrace sustainability in every approach to fashion. Everything helps; I choose to work with natural fibres which decompose easily, and all of our production off-cuts are repurposed into small items such as eye masks too. By designing made-to-order pieces and keeping low stock levels, there is no mass throw-out at the end of the season either. 

Why do you do what you do?
There is a little madness involved in being a fashion designer! For me, fashion designing is in my blood, as I'm the fourth generation to pursue this passion in my family.

How did you come to launch your couture bedroom-wear collection?
My entry into designing beautiful sleepwear was motivated by personal reasons. I wanted to buy gorgeous lingerie and sleepwear for my honeymoon but was disappointed to find nothing available. I spoke to some lingerie shops who supported my vision and so I launched my first collection! 

How have people embraced your ethical approach to couture?
I would love to see more people embracing the twin concepts of ethical and sustainable fashion. There are some consumers who are committed to buying fewer garments that are produced ethically and locally. These garments may have a higher price tag, but they will last and look good for much longer. It would be fabulous to see this group of consumers increase. I am hopeful!

Join the Fashion Revolution and shop with your values from 50 ethical and sustainable Australian designers here, or learn more about how you can change the industry at 

The Fashion Advocate x

Fashion Revolution Month The Fashion Advocate ethical and sustainable Australian made fashion Tatyana Design

This is what the Fashion Revolution means to Australian label, Tatyana Design

This is what the Fashion Revolution means to Australian label, Tatyana Design

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