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The luscious landscape of Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens played host to a renegade runway last Friday, March 31st, for the launch of the latest collection from luxurious faux fur designer label, Gun Shy.

As the sun slowly set, pink and purple hues set the mood for Gun Shy’s theme of ‘Hollywood in the Park’. The energy was high, the music was loud, and the crowd was scurrying to catch a glimpse of a moving pack of models. Weaving through the park, they strutted the open-air runway adorned with bouffant hairstyles and striking makeup, dancing and swaying with confident moves in their oversized, lavish faux fur jackets and stoles.

Fur was once the olden day Hollywood epitome of glamour and extravagance, wealth and sophistication, but with the growing knowledge of its damaging environmental impacts, fur in the fashion industry is now frowned upon. In the preservation process, fur is treated with a myriad of toxic chemicals including bleaching agents, ammonia and formaldehyde, causing severe environmental impacts during the decomposing stage. Fur may appear to be a ‘naturally occurring textile’ but this is far from the reality: a real fur jacket uses four times as much energy to produce than that of a faux fur jacket.

Designer Kathryn Jamieson is determined to turn the fur industry around and recreate the magic of Hollywood glamour with faux fur. The lavish look can be attained ethically and sustainably with a staple faux fur piece from Gun Shy.

“There are so many amazing photos of Hollywood starlets in incredible furs. I want to recreate this magic in faux furs. I want to bring this level of glamour and style back into the realm. It’s time. The world needs my faux furs!”

Kathryn has achieved exactly that with her latest collection and every previous collection for that matter. Each piece is delicately handmade in her Melbourne studio using faux fur and vegan leather, and while we’ve been following her for years, it seems Gun Shy is finally stepping into the spotlight with its ethical fur movement.

Add a little Hollywood glamour into your own wardrobe and shop the collection at

The Fashion Advocate x
Photos: Timothy Treasure

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle,Gun Shy

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Gun Shy



  • Hi Julie-Ann,

    Thanks for such a beautiful comment. It really lifted my day. Definitely using in my next press release! Thanks Fashion Advocate also for such a fab write up.

    Filled with love right now.


    Kathryn Jamieson - Gun Shy Designer

  • Hey Julie-Ann! Thanks for your comment. Kathryn is such a talented designer, she’s in a league of her own! x

    The Fashion Advocate

  • Hooray to Kathryn and her bodies of work. I love her graphic expression of style and colour while using a trendy modern style of advertising her beautiful wares. To do all this in an environmentally friendly atmosphere is even more amazing. Go Kathryn. I’m following you all the way xx

    Julie-Ann Pflueger

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