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MOGA’s virtual store is officially live, boasting a range of colourful silk scarves and shawls that are made with purpose in mind. ‘SPECTRA’ drops as the debut collection from the social enterprise, inspired by the bright and bold colours of Melbourne’s dynamic street art and laneway culture. Founded by 22-year-old Azahn Munas, a recent graduate from RMIT University’s Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) program, MOGA was born out of a desire to celebrate self-expression and to unite different communities of people around the world through their love for fashion.

Working with the CARE Foundation, 20% of all profits are also used to send young girls to primary and secondary school in some of Pakistan’s most volatile communities. The bright and bold designs celebrate the individuality and personal style of MOGA’s wearers, with innovative new digital printing techniques. MOGA’s scarves are the perfect accessory too; each one can be styled and draped in multiple ways to express a unique sense of personal style. They can be worn for religious reasons, cultural reasons or purely as a fashion statement, and the uplifting colours are a helping hand to those fighting cancer or undergoing chemotherapy.

Each scarf is created in-house and released on a limited edition basis, ensuring small quantities and unique designs without mass-production. Regardless of religious or cultural reasons however, MOGA’s main aim is to bring women together and empower them through fabric and colour in a time where headscarves have become a contentious topic. Challenging the negative stereotypes and removing the stigma surrounding this multi-purpose garment, MOGA breaks boundaries and unites women of all cultures, ages and styles.

Founder Azahn Munas explains, “At the end of the day, a scarf is a piece of fabric and can be worn in so many different ways by so many different people. It should be something that brings people together as opposed to keeping them apart. We at MOGA want our customers to be empowered every time they put on one of our scarves; to feel like nothing could bring them down when they look so good.”

The debut collection ‘SPECTRA’ features limited edition scarves in bright hues and contrasting colours, ensuring a standout statement, and with generous measurements, MOGA’s scarves are the epitome of sophistication and versatility.

To support the CARE Foundation through MOGA, visit www.moga-fashion.com or follow MOGA on Instagram.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, MOGA

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, MOGA  

The Fashion Advocate Australian fashion blogger Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, MOGA

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