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I’m a thrift shopper from way back. Growing up in a small country town meant very little shopping diversity, so I would trawl my local op shops for vintage treasures and unique finds. I’ve always been nifty with a sewing machine too, so I would buy oversized men’s shirts and turn them into dresses, or nip and tuck whatever I found to make it work for my body.

Some of my most beloved wardrobe staples are pre-loved and second hand, and I value them as much as I would any other designer piece in my wardrobe. Clothing isn’t about where you get it from, but how you wear it, and if you love the way you feel in an outfit, labels don’t mean a thing.

There is a knack to picking the right pieces, but op shop finds can easily be worked into your current wardrobe for a unique look. I've teamed my Melbourne-made Orocéo Castro skirt with a pre-loved men's shirt and vintage velvet jacket from Vinnies, and I’ve bedazzled my lobes with Keegan earrings.

Fashion isn't about the latest trends or the most expensive outfit; it's about embracing what clothing personally means to you. To me, it's about buying less, choosing well, and shopping locally. And of course, reducing waste, which you can do by hunting for wardrobe treasures at Vinnies.

The Fashion Advocate x

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