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Sally Rae's sustainable range is inspired by simplicity, ethical values and effortless dressing. It's also entirely vegan and transparent, which isn't commonplace in today's industry even though it should be. 

Designer and Founder, Anna Chiera, was determined to create something a little different when she launched her label, Sally Rae, and she drew on her love of all things 1950s to help. Named in honour of Anna's mother (Sally) and her grandmother (Rae), the Sally Rae brand signifies strength, confidence and going beyond the surface, and each vintage-inspired piece tells a story of a simple past.

Anna recently opened up to share more about her journey with her emerging Australian fashion label, what it was like getting through 2020, and why she's committed to ethical and sustainable fashion...

How did 2020 impact your business and the way you work?

What happened in 2020 had a huge impact on my business in so many ways. I had a new range due out in April, which I had to put on hold, and I had to rethink everything I was doing from an emotional and financial point of view. It didn't feel right to be advertising my brand so much when everyone was going through such a tough time. The uncertainty of when things would get back to 'normal' also meant putting the breaks on every expense I could.

What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2020, and how has it shaped your brand moving forward?

As cliché as it sounds, never give up and be thankful for what you have. Fortune doesn't come in the form of just money; it's family, friends and health. For that reason, it's made me more conscious of keeping a healthy balance between working on my brand and living life with the special people around me. I think it's important to keep putting your best foot forward even if they are little steps; you're still moving forward.

What ethical commitments are you making for 2021?

Stay honest and true to my customers and myself by providing value and quality in all that I do.

What sustainability commitments are you making for 2021?

I'm always looking for more natural fabrics produced in better ways and less harmful ways to the environment, so this will be a key focus for my next range.

How are you changing the fashion industry for the better?

Sally Rae is about slow fashion, femininity and confidence from within. With that in mind, I want to change the idea of having to rehash your wardrobe every season just to keep up with the latest trends. Yes, it feels good to have a new dress to wear, but an old favourite can feel just as good when you're exuding confidence within yourself.

Learn more about Anna and her ethical fashion label here or shop the full Sally Rae range here.

The Fashion Advocate x

Sally Rae ethical Australian designed fashion online The Fashion Advocate

Sally Rae ethical Australian designed fashion online The Fashion Advocate 1

Sally Rae ethical Australian designed fashion online The Fashion Advocate 1

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