Space Tank Studio’s Advanced Leather Design course

Space Tank Studio’s Advanced Leather Design course

After the popularity of last year’s leather course, Space Tank Studio is now running Advanced Leather Design as a regular course on their calendar. The upcoming Advanced Leather Design course is delivered over three evenings, and it is a must-do for all Melbourne designers, makers and creators who work with leather. Delivering an introduction to current industry leather making and prototyping techniques, the Advanced Leather Design course teaches new ways to work with leather that eradicate the hassles of stitching and messy contact adhesives.

Develop the quality of your own leather articles to compare with current industry standards, whilst carrying your own unique touch, and learn about tooling and CNC templates for high quality production. You’ll also learn about laser cutting, masking and stencil-making, fixture and tooling design, ironing and heating activated film bonding, pattern making and assembly process, and stitch-less seam construction.

The Advanced Leather Design course is one of many delivered by Space Tank Studio, founded by Holger Dielenberg, to ensure the art of contemporary hand making techniques are not lost to mass machine production. Declining manufacturing sectors, urban rezoning and the high Australian dollar make it increasingly difficult for emerging makers to gain a foot hold in the industry, however Space Tank Studio’s ongoing programs endeavour to combat this issue within its fully equipped creative manufacturing incubator.

Space Tank Studio provides machinery, technology and fabrication areas to support the many different kinds of makers, as well as offering an ecosystem of connections to assist creative entrepreneurs.

Visit to book your spot in the Advanced Leather Design course at Space Tank Studio in Melbourne.

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