Stefan's new makeup range Is flawless

Stefan's new makeup range Is flawless

Making a major comeback in more ways than one, Stefan’s vibrant rainbow logo is radiating now more than ever. Not too many people know the full story of the Stefan brand, but it’s come a very long way since Stefan Ackerie established his namesake company in the 1960s. Over the past few decades, Stefan has monopolized the hair industry, now owning over 40 salons Australia wide and expanding into a self-titled range of natural beauty products.

The new shades of lipstick, Vibrant, Rouge and Pulp, glide on like a dream and smell like a Hawaiian holiday. The new Eyebrow Shaper range is a make-up kit must-have, because let’s face it, we’re not all as brow-endowed as we’d like to be. The new Bronzer is a delicate shade of sun-kissed perfection and when it’s combined with the new Highlighter contouring powder, the two make for cheekbones that Kate Bosworth would be jealous of. The new 6 Colour Eyeshadow range is the perfect mix of day to night and the entire line is enriched with natural minerals, Mica and Bees Wax, and all are made with sweat-proof technology.

I’ve officially converted to the new wave of Stefan makeup.

The Fashion Advocate x

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