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Investing in ethical fashion is a choice, but when we're competing in an industry that sells $10 shirts, it's hard to justify a $300 dress. I know the value, yet convincing everyone else to see the benefits of shopping ethically and sustainably - isn't always easy. 

When you don't have much to spend and you still want to look good, it's easier to spend less and forget about ethics. The problem is, fast fashion is short-lived, and the impacts just aren't worth the one-night-stand with a cheap outfit. It might be a $10 shirt here and a $30 pair of jeans there, but someone somewhere is paying for it, and we're all paying for the environmental impact. 

The environmental cost of a t-shirt in CO2 emissions is 2.6kg and you can quadruple that for a pair of jeans. When we're only looking at our own wardrobes and considering the impact of our own choices, it doesn't seem like such an issue, but the problem is there are nearly 8 billion people in the world. When we start pooling our fashion impact... Well, it's something we desperately need to change, and it's the only thing I ever talk about.

Solving fast fashion is a complicated conversation, but we've just made it a little bit easier to shop ethically and sustainably at We're a Founding Merchant of AirRobe, an Australian marketplace for preloved designer fashion, and from today, you can now shop at The Fashion Advocate and rent, resell and repurpose though AirRobe.

Fall in love with your ethical and sustainable statement piece, buy it, love it, wear it, then resell or rent it, knowing you're making a positive impact. Renting your wardrobe is a circular approach to fashion, and reusing and recycling fashion has a monumental impact. If everyone wore a preloved dress to every wedding in the world for a year, the carbon emissions saved would be equivalent to taking 56 million cars off the road for a day.

Shop online at now, store your purchases in your 'Circular Wardrobe' through AirRobe, and seamlessly re-purpose them when you're ready. It's super simple, and it's all built into our checkout. Shopping sustainably just got easier.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable fashion online circular fashion rental fashion AirRobe

The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable fashion online circular fashion rental fashion AirRobe

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