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Becoming a parent is a big enough challenge, let alone trying to be a sustainable one too. In baby land, every second product is made with plastic, and most toys are made with polyester. The environmental impact of one child is around 60 tonnes of carbon each year, so choosing to have kids comes with its own eco challenges too.

I set out to be a sustainable parent, and it's something I try to be every day, but in the moment when there's tiredness and tantrums, sometimes convenience triumphs conscious choices. There is no such thing as being perfectly sustainable all the time, but I strive to be as sustainable as I can, and I try to make as many environmentally-friendly choices as possible every day.

Nappies were easy. We opted for biodegradable disposables while we were learning the ropes of sleep (or lack thereof) and then we transitioned to reusable nappies when we had a handle on normal life again. There were also plenty of organic clothing brands to choose from, so dressing Florence was easy too.

But, when it came to big-ticket items like a pram and car seat, safety and strict guidelines reign supreme, which means more plastic and generally more toxins. So, my hunt for a sustainable, low-tox pram was a very long one.

Aesthetically, I would have been happy with a recycled 1950s pram, but practicality-wise, those things weigh a tonne, and they're not easy to dismantle for trips in and out of the car. So, I surrendered to the fact that we'd own a plastic pram, but that didn't mean it had to be a cheaply-made one. I was determined to find a pram that would last, so I hunted high and low; I read review after review, and I researched and researched until I settled on Silver Cross.

I'm a stickler for tradition, and Silver Cross has been engineering prams for over 140 years, uncompromising on quality, meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. I don't want to name-drop, but Silver Cross prams have been loved by the royal family since King George VI was spotted proudly pushing one around in the 1920s, and they've been known as the 'Rolls-Royce of prams' ever since.

I've never been one to buy something used by the royals, but if a Silver Cross pram is good enough for Kate and William, surely I must be on to a good thing. What really drew me to choosing our Silver Cross pram wasn't how many times I'd seen it in the media, though. I wanted something well made, suitable for two tall humans (I'm 181cm and Rick is 190cm), and something that was sturdy enough to last while being light enough to lift.

The Silver Cross Wave pram ticks those boxes, and then some. While many modern prams are lined with polyester, ours is lined with natural and antibacterial bamboo fabric. It also converts to a double with up to 30 intelligent configurations for one or two babies, which means we'll be using the same pram for years to come, reducing waste and eliminating the need to buy another.

It comes with a three-year manufacturing warranty when most only come with one, and it feels solid and sturdy. Silver Cross prams are built to last, and even though we've only been using ours for five months now, I know this will become our family pram and see our little tribe through.

My dream zero-plastic pram does not exist, but this is the next best thing. When it comes to baby products and having to choose from plastic options, I know that investing in quality means longevity - and that's sustainable too.

I love the Wave model (and there's a matching nappy bag!) but you can check out the full Silver Cross range here.

The Fashion Advocate x

Silver Cross pram review rating best rated prams in Australia 2021

Silver Cross pram review rating best rated prams in Australia 2021

Silver Cross pram review rating best rated prams in Australia 2021

Silver Cross pram review rating best rated prams in Australia 2021

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