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One trillion plastic bags are made around the world each and every year, and in Australia alone, 150 million plastic bags are thrown out. Only 3% of plastic bags in Australia are recycled each year and over 200,000 plastic bags are dumped into landfill every hour.

If you are shopping a few times a week and using those nasty single-use plastic product bags when you grab your fruit and veg, you are contributing to this plastic problem.

Plastic does not decompose or biodegrade. All the plastic ever made, still exists.

So, if you’re using an average of five plastic produce bags a week when you shop, and you switch to a reusable bag produce bag, you could save over 250 plastic produce bags a year from landfill.

Every time you use a reusable produce bag instead of a plastic one, you’ll also save around 220L of water.

If you’re at the supermarket and forget your reusable produce bag, grab a daggy mushroom paper bag, it’ll do the same thing!

Living sustainably doesn’t have to be hard, it’s just about taking small easy steps every day towards a greener lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about plastic-free living or need more eco ideas in the home, stay tuned. I’ve got something super exciting coming in a few weeks!

The Fashion Advocate x

Switch single-use plastic produce bags for reusable bags and save landfill

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