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Australians throw out over 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day, adding up to over 1 billion coffee cups every single year. They're not just ending up landfill though, plastic coffee cups and plastic lids are making their way into our oceans and environment, and every piece of plastic we've ever made still exists on earth today. 

If you switch out your single-use coffee cup and start using a reusable coffee cup, you can have a huge positive environmental impact. If you’re buying just one coffee a day and using a reusable cup, over the course of a year you’ll save…

☁️ Over 10kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

💧 Over 1300L of water.

♻️ Nearly 8kg of solid waste heading to landfill.

Living sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s about taking small steps every day towards a greener lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about plastic-free living or need more eco ideas in the home, stay tuned. I’ve got something super exciting coming!

The Fashion Advocate x

Switch your single-use coffee cup for a reusable coffee cup and have a positive impact

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    Lily James

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